Update for Total Access Analyzer for Access 2002, Version 10.5

New 10.8 Version

The current version of Total Access Analyzer 2002 is version 10.8, which includes many new features and enhancements.

Version 10.8 is available for free to premium support subscribers. Non-subscribers can upgrade here.

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FMS no longer provides new updates for Total Access Analyzer 2002, version 10.5. We encourage you to upgrade to version 10.8.

For those who do not upgrade to version 10.7, this patch is available:

10.51.0032 (released November 16, 2006)

This update is available free of charge to registered owners of Total Access Analyzer 2002, version 10.5. The existing version must already be installed.

Notification and download instructions for receiving the patch were emailed to registered owners. If you did not receive instructions, please contact us so we can update your information.

Note that this update only applies to users with Total Access Analyzer version 10.5. If you are using Total Access Analyzer version 10.0, click here. If you are using Total Access Analyzer version 10.7, click here.

What's New in Version 10.51.0032

This update includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Report Blueprints can be properly generated for Mailing Label reports.
  • The "Query List Action Queries" reports properly show all Action queries.

All Fixes and Enhancements from Prior Update Patches

  • This update also includes all issue fixes and enhancements included in prior updates. A version history is included below.

Update History

This update includes issue fixes from all previous updates, including:

Version 10.51.0031


  • Documentation runs faster and more efficiently than ever.
  • A new "Suggestion Box" link on the Main Menu allows you to send product suggestions directly to our development team.
  • While objects are being loaded for documentation, a Cancel button allows you to cancel the process.
  • Issue Filter form displays only issues that exist in the current documentation results.
  • Several forms throughout the application can be resized to show more information, including the Reports menu, Search results, and Report Thumbnails. Total Access Analyzer also "remembers" your size preference for these forms, and uses it in the future.
  • Various UI enhancements have been made to improve the appearance and usability of the application.


  • After documentation is complete, the Documentation Summary form displays a count of issues by object type.
  • Improved documentation of CommandBar controls.
  • Improved documentation of Hyperlink and Subhyperlink addresses.
  • Improved documentation of VBA Function Calls for function calls on macro lines.
  • Improved cross-reference documentation for subforms and subreports.

Documentation Explorer

  • Boolean property values are displayed as Yes/No instead of as -1/0.


  • On the Report Options form, a new feature allows you to reset all options to their default values.
  • The Hyperlink report (under Object XRef) now contains a check box to show code references to a hyperlink address thatís a variable or constant.
  • The Blueprint Detail report displays the source object name for subform/subreport controls.

Version 10.51.0019


  • Documents only the Access options that apply to the database type: MDB or ADP.
  • Documents text values instead of numeric values in several places (e.g. for documentation of colors and languages).

Documentation Explorer

  • Includes right-click filter options when viewing Errors, Suggestions, and Performance Tips.
  • Issue Filter form displays only issues that exist in the current documentation results.


  • "Form Hotkey" report is renamed "Form Shortcut Key" to reflect Microsoft's change in terminology.
  • The "Total Access Analyzer Report List" report displays only a list of reports that apply to the database type: MDB or ADP.
  • Includes a new report to show Access Options grouped by tab.

New Error Detection

  • Detects functions that do not return a value.
  • Detects property Get statements that don't return a value.

New Suggestions

  • Detects forms and reports with controls that should have an associated label, but do not.
  • Detects form option groups that have duplicate values.
  • Includes several new suggestions for form control shortcut keys:
    • Controls that have different shortcut keys for the same control.
    • Controls that use a space as a shortcut key.
    • Labels that have a shortcut key, but no associated control.
  • Detects tables and queries with undefined datasheet font name.
  • Includes several new suggestions regarding Access options:
    • Turn "Always Use Event Procedures" setting on.
    • Increase the MRU File List.
    • Turn "Confirm Document Deletions" setting on.
  • Includes several suggestions for query and table names that conflict with Jet and Access reserved words:
    • Query Name Conflicts with Jet Reserved Word
    • Query Field Name Conflicts with Jet Reserved Word
    • Table Name Conflicts with Jet Reserved Word
    • Table Field Name Conflicts with Jet Reserved Word

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