Updates for Total Access Detective 2010, Version 14.0

NOTE: The latest version of Total Access Detective for Microsoft Access 2010 is version 14.5 with these enhancements. Existing customers can upgrade at a discounted price.

The latest update for Total Access Detective 2010, 14.0 is:

14.00.0014 (released January 11, 2013)

This update is available free of charge to registered owners of Total Access Detective 2010, version 14.0. Notification and download instructions for receiving the patch were emailed to registered owners. If you did not receive instructions, please contact us so we can update your information.

What's New in Version 14.00.0014

This update includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • When comparing databases, data comparison is possible between tables with different structures with the identical field comparison option selected.
  • When viewing the object differences and the filter form is opened, the list of objects is no longer hidden.
  • Databases with an apostrophe in its name can be compared.
  • Improved setup for product activation.
  • Improved setup for installing the 64-bit version.
  • All other reported issues.

Update History

There were no other updates for this product. The original release was 14.00.0010.

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