Industry Success Stories

Serving a Wide Range of Industries

Since 1986, FMS has created custom database applications for over 100 organizations in a wide range of industries. Our solutions tend to focus on helping decisions makers better collect, manage, and analyze data to improve efficiency, eliminate mistakes, and lower costs.

Here are some industry highlights:

Custom software solutions for education

FMS has served a wide range of educational institutions from local school districts to major universities and the largest training organization at the Defense Department.

We've helped local school systems claim their Impact Aid funding from the Department of Education, streamlined college interviewing processes, created medical research models, managed course curriculum, and much more.

Custom software for event management businesses

For almost two decades, FMS has helped some of the world's leading event management organizations run their operations more efficiently.

From the professional speaker circuit to continuing medical education (CME) and the pharmaceutical industry, FMS solutions are used to plan and run tens of thousands of events a year.

Our systems track the speakers, speeches, event logistics, task assignments, contracts, expenses, etc. to make sure no detail is forgotten.

Custom Software Development for Government Agencies

FMS has created a wide range of software solutions for governments including local municipalities, state, and national agencies.

We've also created international solutions for organizations related to the United Nations and US State Department.

Our experience extends to creating data analytic solutions for the law enforcement, defense and intelligence communities.

Custom software solutions for large businesses

Since our founding 30 years ago, we've created custom solutions for large businesses across the country.

Consumer, financial, industrial, technology and companies in many other industries have used FMS services to maximize the value of their data and gain a competitive advantage.

Custom software for logistics management

When it comes to logistics, details matter. FMS has created mission critical database solutions for international humanitarian relief, municipal services, and international transportation.

Tracking vehicles, personnel, shipments, receipts, transit, and reporting features are critical where mistakes have life-threatening consequences.

Custom software solutions for non-profit organizations

FMS has helped a wide range of non-profit organizations and NGOs better manage their data.

We've helped small and large membership organizations leverage their data to fulfill their missions from accreditation, consumer protection, membership services, protecting children, tabulating surveys, events, and much more

Custom software solutions for small businesses

FMS has helped many small businesses with data analytics, reporting, tracking, email automation, integration with accounting, and extending the services to serve our clients' customers.

Why Choose FMS?

Founded in 1986, FMS is a privately held, small business. Our clients include businesses of all sizes, non-profits, and local and federal government agencies. Our developers serve many local clients in the Mid-Atlantic, Washington DC metropolitan area. We also have clients across the country from California to Massachusetts, and Alaska to Florida, in addition to our international clients. Many of our custom solutions are deployed around the world with language localization support.

Risk Free Assessment

With our experience, extensive code library, and tested processes, FMS offers great solutions at very competitive prices. Email or call us at 703-356-4700 to learn more about our consulting services and how our staff of full-time professionals can help you. FMS is located in Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.