FMS Privacy Policy

At FMS, we firmly believe in your right to privacy. This document describes our Corporate Privacy Policy.

Information We Gather from our Web Visitors

When you visit our web site, our server records your IP address and information about your browser version. This is the default behavior of web server software, and we use this data to fine-tune our site to make it easier to navigate and more helpful to our customers. Our server does not automatically record your email address, name, or any other information about you as a visitor.

When you sign up for My FMS, we ask for your contact information. The minimum required information is:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address

If you request a catalog to be mailed to you, we need your mailing address. You may also provide your phone numbers. Also, when you sign up, we store a cookie on your computer. This cookie allows our server to identify you when you return. This makes it easier and quicker to access all content on our web site. The cookie contains the email address you registered with and a user ID number unique to you. Other parts of our site require cookies--if your browser has cookies disabled, you may not be able to use the full functionality of the site.

Information We Gather From Our Software

When you install FMS software, the setup program asks for your name, organization, and serial number. If the program involves online activation (either during the setup or the first time you run it), that information is transmitted to our activation server as part of the approval process. That information is not shared outside FMS.

Most FMS software includes an error log mechanism to assist our technical support department in solving problems. If an error occurs while running FMS software, the software writes a text file to the directory where you installed the software. This text file contains information about the error. When you contact FMS Technical Support, we may ask for the contents of this file. The personal information in this file is limited to the name, organization, and serial number you entered when you installed the program. The error log mechanism does not send this information to FMS or any other organization--it simply writes the text file to your computer's hard disk. For some programs, if an error occurs, non-personally identifiable information may be transmitted to our online error logger indicating a crash occurred. The more detailed error log can only be transmitted by you.

If an error occurs with a trial version, the program may transmit the error information with your email address to our error logger.

Some FMS software packages include a feature to Check for Updates. This feature pings our website to determine if there is a newer version for your software. When you use this feature, the only information transmitted to FMS is the product name and version number. No other information is transmitted. 

Information We Gather When You Register Software

When you order our product directly from FMS, you are automatically registered. If you purchase our products from a third party, you can register your copy online or by contacting us. Registration information is entered into our customer and support databases.

Sharing Your Information

Disclosures to service your account

We may provide your information to other firms contracted to deliver services on our behalf. These firms may include, but are not limited to, organizations involved with shipping, emailing, order fulfillment, printing, accounting, and banking. These organizations are required to keep FMS information confidential. Your information may also be disclosed as required by the government or a court order.

Disclosures to other parties

FMS does not share customer email addresses or purchase history with other organizations.

From time to time, FMS may share mailing addresses with other organizations that provide products or services related to software development. We feel that most of our customers would benefit from receiving mailings and free offers from such organizations. Examples include free magazine samples, related product information, etc. When such sharing occurs, the mailing addresses are provided through a bonded third party mail house for one time use. You may opt out of this by requesting your information not be distributed in this manner.

Your Control of Your Information

You may, at any time, change your personal information. You can do this by logging in to the My FMS site and changing your profile information, including discontinuing email newsletters or catalog mailings, or changing your information. You can also contact us directly.

Questions and Comments?

If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Note: In order to meet the constantly changing needs of our visitors and customers, we may change our privacy policy without notice. Be sure to check this page for the latest information.

Last updated December 9, 2011.

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