Software Development Solutions for the Education Community

FMS has delivered a wide variety of systems to the education community.

Key Features of our Custom Education Solutions

  • Helping organizations make better decisions by improving data collection, storage, reporting, and analysis
  • A high degree of usability and scalability across multiple users and increasing data
  • Solutions that can be customized and extended by our clients
  • Implementations of web, desktop and hybrid applications

Examples of our Custom Software Solutions for Education Institutions

Here are some recent examples that are making an impact on how data is managed, shared, and optimized for decision making:

Managing Course Content

Education Course Management Software for the Defense Acquisition University

The Defense Acquisition University is the education branch of the Department of Defense charged with training and providing continuing education for all branches of the US military.

FMS has created a course competency requirements management web site for their instructors, students, and managers. The system ensures the training courses continue to cover the topics necessary for developing the careers of the students.

Case Study Competition for Female Entrepreneurs

George Washington University

The George Washington University School of Business wanted to create a case study competition and research website for female business owners to share their life experiences. Called the Hot Mommas Project, our web site is now the largest such public collection in the world and includes tagging and integration with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. A dynamic user interface based on AJAX technologies enhances the user experience.

Managing Interviews of College Applicants

Interview management software for Harvard college applicants

Harvard College is the oldest and most competitive university in the country. Harvard provides a personal interview to each applicant through its alumni network. FMS created a database solution to manage the complex matching of candidates to interviewers, so each candidate is interviewed in a timely manner. Assignments are emailed, and a web site created to accept assignments and upload interview write-ups, while managers can track the status throughout the admissions interview season.

Medical Research Treatment Models

University of Michigan Medical School Drug Treatment Regimen Models

In conjunction with researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School, FMS has created three innovative patient outcome models over the past two decades.

These models compare different medical and pharmaceutical treatment regimens over multiple years based on values from peer-reviewed research and inputs for specific populations and costs.

Results support data based decisions for analyzing treatments for suspected ulcers, NSAIDs, and aspirin prevention of heart attacks.

Helping Public Schools Claim Federal Impact Aid Funding

Washington DC Public Schools System DCPS

Because federal property is not subject to local taxes, the federal government compensates municipalities for federal students and workers through their Impact Aid program. Every year, school systems need to support claims to receive this payment. The Washington DC Public Schools (DCPS) sends surveys to determine students who live or have parents who work on federal property.

Our multiuser Impact Aid Survey Form software transformed a manual process into a more efficient, accurate and timely solution. It led to increased funding well in excess of the cost of our application, and continues to payoff every year.

Understanding Education Issues at the Local Level

Fairfax County Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee

Fairfax County Public SchoolsFMS president Luke Chung served several years on the business and community advisory board to the superintendent of schools for Fairfax County, Virginia, one of the largest and best public school systems in the country. He also served on the Teacher Performance Evaluation Task Force to secure an exemption from the No Child Left Behind Act.

He currently serves on the Fairfax County Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee (ITPAC) representing the School Board. Luke was appointed to this county level governance group to advise the Board of Supervisors on the county's technology investments and future direction. He is in his third 3-year term with significant experience and insight into leveraging technology for government and education.

Other Education Institutions

FMS has created and supported custom solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server and Access for many other education institutions:

Custom software solutions for education

Why Choose FMS?

Founded in 1986, FMS is a privately held, small business. Our clients include businesses of all sizes, non-profits, and local and federal government agencies. Our developers serve many local clients in the Mid-Atlantic, Washington DC metropolitan area. We also have clients across the country from California to Massachusetts, and Alaska to Florida, in addition to our international clients. Many of our custom solutions are deployed around the world with language localization support.

Risk Free Assessment

With our experience, extensive code library, and tested processes, FMS offers great solutions at very competitive prices. Email or call us at 703-356-4700 to learn more about our consulting services and how our staff of full-time professionals can help you. FMS is located in Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.