Microsoft Access Macro Cross Reference

This report answers the critical question:

Where are my Microsoft Access macros and submacros used and referenced?

If you have lots of Microsoft Access macros and sub-macros, it's very challenging to determine where they are used. Fortunately, that's not a problem for Total Access Analyzer. Total Access Analyzer examines all your objects to document every use of your macros and displays them in the Documentation Explorer's XREF tab and in this report.

In this example, you can see several macro/sub-macros and where they're used including the object, control, and event.

Microsoft Access Macro Cross-Reference Documentation Report


  • The Resolved? column is checked if the macro exists (if it doesn't, an error appears in the Error reports)
  • The Variable? column is checked if a variable containing a macro name is referenced in code.

Unused Macro Analysis

Do you have Access macros or sub-macros you think aren't used but are afraid to delete because you're not sure?

By performing the extensive cross-reference analysis to document where macros are used, Total Access Analyzer also determines macros that aren't used.

A separate Suggestions report lists macros that aren't referenced which you may consider for deletion. Fore more details, see:

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