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Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Visual Studio .NET Products and Services

Microsoft Access Products and Add-ins

Total Access Analyzer Microsoft Access database documentation and diagnosticsNEW VERSION! The world's most popular Access add-in product documents and analyzes your Microsoft Access databases finding errors and improvements
Total Visual SourceBook Microsoft Access module code libaryNEW VERSION! The most popular library of Microsoft Access, Office/VBA, & VB6 modules with 225+ modules, 6300+ procedures, and 125,000+ lines of royalty-free source code
Total Access Emailer Microsoft Access Email Add-inNEW VERSION! The most popular Microsoft Access email program sends personalized emails including PDF reports to everyone on your list
Total Access Statistics Numerical analysis of Microsoft Access dataNEW VERSION! The most powerful Microsoft Access data analysis program calculates percentiles, regressions, frequency distributions, correlations, t-tests, ANOVA, rankings, moving averages, etc.
Total Access Admin Watch who's going in and out of your Microsoft Access databasesNEW VERSION! Monitor Microsoft Access databases and watch users enter and exit in real time
Total Visual Agent Schedule Microsoft Access database choresNEW VERSION! Automate Microsoft Access database chores such as compact, backup, maintenance and other repetitive tasks
Total Access Speller Spell Check Microsoft Access objectsNEW VERSION! Spell check Microsoft Access databases to eliminate embarrassing typos from your user interface
Total Access Detective Compare Microsoft Access databases and objects for differencesFind exactly what is different between Microsoft Access databases, objects, code, and data
Total Visual CodeTools Microsoft Access, Office, VBA and VB6 Coding ToolsBuilders and tools to write, cleanup, and deliver VB6 and VBA code easier and more consistently
Total Access Components ActiveX Controls for Microsoft AccessDazzle users and simplify development with 30 ActiveX controls specifically designed for Microsoft Access
Total Access Startup Launch the right version of Microsoft Access with the right version of your databaseMicrosoft Access version launcher guarantees your users always run the latest version of your database and Access
Total Access Memo Rich text format (RTF) memos for Microsoft AccessAdd Rich Text Format (RTF) memo fields to your Microsoft Access forms and reports
Zip Code Database Microsoft Access Zip Code State and City Lookup DatabasePerform zip code lookups to magically fill-in the city and state of any US zip code. Speed up data entry and eliminate typos.

Microsoft Access 2010 SupportAll our Microsoft Access Tools

Microsoft Access Query Center

Microsoft Access Query Help CenterQuery Tips

Append Queries

Delete Queries

Update Queries

Not-In Outer Join Queries

Crosstab Query in Reports

Union Queries

Microsoft Access to SQL Server Upsizing Center

Microsoft SQL Server Consulting Services

Free resources for upsizing.

When and How to Upsize MS Access to SQL Server

SQL Server Express Editions

Microsoft Azure and the Cloud

Microsoft Azure and Cloud ComputingThree papers on cloud computing:

What it Means to Information Workers

Linking Microsoft Access to SQL Azure Databases

Deploying MS Access DBs linked to SQL Azure

RemoteApp and Terminal Services

Database Strategy

Strategically Using Microsoft Access within Your Organization

Microsoft Access vs. Excel

Inheriting Microsoft Access Database Applications

Learn from FMS's experiences:

Videos from FMSTechEd Videos

Microsoft Outlook Tips and TechniquesMicrosoft Outlook Tips

More Tips and Papers

Big Data Analytics

Sentinel VisualizerGo beyond Microsoft Access with Sentinel Visualizer from our Advanced Systems Group. Sentinel Visualizer lets you find hidden relationships between people, places, and events with Link Analysis Charts, Social Network Analysis (SNA), Geospatial Mapping with Google Earth, timelines, decluttering, clique/cell analysis, and much more, such as telephone call data records analysis. Maximize your understanding and value of your data!

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