Microsoft Access Objects with Identical SQL Definitions

SQL strings are used in many places in your Microsoft Access database. In query definitions, the record source of forms and reports, and the row source of combo boxes and list boxes on fields and form/report controls.

Total Access Analyzer performs advanced analysis on your SQL strings to see if duplicates exist across your objects. Duplicates are detected even if you have slight differences with spacing, line breaks, etc.

Duplicate SQL strings are opportunities to eliminate duplicate queries, or create a saved query to share across objects.

  • The benefit is the ability to adjust the SQL in one place and have all its dependencies use it.
  • The downside is that a future change for one purpose may trigger a problem elsewhere.

This report is under Suggestions, Identical SQL and RecordSources. It is intended to alert you that such duplicates exist and that you have the opportunity to consolidate your SQL.

In this example, two reports are using the same SQL string for its RecordSource:

Microsoft Access Objects with Identical SQL Definitions

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