Total Access Analyzer 2002, Version 10.5

This is no longer the latest version of Total Access Analyzer 2002.
Existing 10.X customers can upgrade to Total Access Analyzer 2002, Version 10.8 for a nominal fee.
For more information on the new features, visit Total Access Analyzer 2002, Version 10.8.

Features and Enhancements in Version 10.5

The 10.5 update introduced several new features and enhancements:


  • Documentation is generated faster.
  • The "New Values" field property for AutoNumber fields ("Increment" or "Random") is documented.

Table Documentation

  • For MDBs and MDEs, table documentation includes an estimate of table size. This information appears a new Table List Report, as well in reports that show table record counts.
  • The Table Index Properties report displays the index field names along with its properties.

Error, Suggestion, and Performance Issue Detection

  • Table and query names that contain characters that conflict with SQL Server.
  • Table and query names and fields that conflict with Access/Jet reserved words.
  • Tables and queries with undefined datasheet font name.
  • Forms and reports without a RecordSource are listed as one error, which notes that the form or report has no RecordSource, and lists the number of bound controls.
  • Forms and reports with controls that should have an associated label, but do not.
  • Form option groups that have duplicate values.
  • Form and Report controls that have different shortcut keys for the same control.
  • Form and Report controls that use a space as a shortcut key.
  • Form and Report controls that have a shortcut key, but no associated control.
  • Database with the "Always Use Event Procedures" setting off.
  • Databases with small MRU lists.
  • Databases with the "Confirm Document Deletions" setting off.
  • Relationship errors due to invalid fields, foreign table fields, and foreign tables are flagged separately. Previous versions of Total Access Analyzer listed one generic error for the relationship.

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