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Example of working with Jet/Access data using the ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) object model using VBA and VB6.

Procedure Name Type Description
(Declarations) Declarations Declarations and private variables for the modSnippetADOJetData module.
ShowADOExecuteJetBulkOpQuery Procedure Show how to execute a bulk operation (action) query against Jet data using ADO.
ShowADOFindUsingJetCursor Procedure Show how to use the Find method in ADO to locate records in a Jet table.
ShowADOForwardOnlyReadOnlyJetRecordset Procedure Show how to open a forward-only, read-only recordset against Jet data using ADO.
ShowADOJetParameterQueryExecute Procedure Show how to open a recordset on a parameterized, row-returning Jet query.
ShowADOReadJetTable Procedure Show how to use ADO in a simple case to open a table and read records.
ShowADORecordsetSupports Procedure Show how to use the Supports property to determine the attributes of a recordset.
ShowADOSampleJetRecordLocking Procedure Show how to use ADO to open a Jet database using record-level locking.
ShowADOSeekJetRecord Procedure Show how to use ADO to Seek on a Jet table.
ShowADOSeekLinkedTable Procedure Show how to use ADO to seek on a linked table.
ShowADOShapedRecordset Procedure Show how to use ADO to create a hierarchical recordset using the Data Shape provider.
ShowADOSortRecordset Procedure Show how to sort an ADO recordset.
ShowADOUpdateJetRecordset Procedure Show how to open an updateable, scrollable recordset on a Jet table and update it.
ShowADOUseFilter Procedure Show how to use a Filter on an ADO recordset.
ShowADOUseJetTransaction Procedure Show how to work with Jet transactions using ADO.
ShowADOUseUDLconnection Procedure Show how to use a Microsoft Universal Data Link (UDL) file to connect to a data source.
ShowShowCursorPerformanceWithJet Procedure Perform a time comparison when searching against a table using ADO's Client Cursor vs. Jet's Server Cursors. The end result is that Jet's Server cursor is quite a bit faster than ADO's cursor.
' Snippet code is partial code that demonstrates a particular feature, and does include separate Example code.
' Please see the Snippet notes for information about customizing and implementing Snippet code.

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