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Internet search using VB6 and VBA to launch a web browser with Bing, Google, Yahoo, and YouTube to perform global searches and specific searches for books, finance, images, news, sports, videos, weather, etc. while properly formatting the URL search string.

Procedure Name Type Description
(Declarations) Declarations Declarations and private variables for the modInternetSearch module.
SearchInternet Procedure Launch Bing, Google, Yahoo or YouTube with your search string.
URLEncode Procedure Encodes a string so it can be passed to a URL.
LaunchURL Procedure Open the default Internet browser on the user's machine by specifying a URL (uniform resource locator).
' Example of modInternetSearch
' To use this example, create a new module and paste this code into it.
' Then run the procedure by putting the cursor in the procedure and pressing:
'    F5 to run it, or
'    F8 to step through it line-by-line (see the Debug menu for more options)

Private Sub Example_modInternetSearch()
  ' Comments: Examples of using modInternetSearch module to search on Bing, Google, Yahoo and YouTube in VBA and VB6.

  Const cstrSearch As String = "Bill Gates"

  ' ========================
  ' Basic Bing Search
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisBing)

  ' Bing Image Search
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisBingImages)

  ' Bing News Search
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisBingNews)

  ' Bing Video Search
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisBingVideos)

  ' Bing Weather Search
  Call SearchInternet("Washington, DC", eisBingWeather)

  ' ========================
  ' Basic Google Search
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisGoogle)

  ' Search Google Books
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisGoogleBooks)

  ' Search Google Finance
  Call SearchInternet("MSFT", eisGoogleFinance)

  ' Search Google Images
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisGoogleImages)

  ' Search Google News
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisGoogleNews)

  ' ========================
  ' Basic Yahoo Search
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisYahoo)

  ' Search Yahoo Finance
  Call SearchInternet("MSFT", eisYahooFinance)

  ' Search Yahoo News
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisYahooNews)

  ' Search Yahoo Sports
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisYahooSports)

  ' ========================
  ' Search YouTube
  Call SearchInternet(cstrSearch, eisYouTube)

End Sub

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