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Class that fills an area using Windows API GDI calls in VB6.

The Windows API FloodFill function fills a region of the form or picture which is bounded by a solid line of pixels of the same color. It is often used to "color in" parts of the form. The routines in this class allow you to use the Windows API FloodFill function.

Procedure Name Type Description
(Declarations) Declarations Declarations and private variables for the CGDIFloodFill class.
BrushStyle Property Get the current style used to fill the area. The value of this property should be set to one of the Windows API Brush Style constants (BS_SOLID, BS_HOLLOW, BS_HATCHED etc.) which are exposed as EnumFloodFillBrushStyles constants in this class.
FillColor Property Get the current value of the color used for the flood fill.
FillStyle Property Get the current value of the style used for the flood fill. The value should be one of 0-FLOODFILLBORDER, or 1-FLOODFILLSURFACE (see the declarations sections of this class for these constants).
If FillStyle is FLOODFILLBORDER, Windows assumes that the area to be filled is completely bounded by the color specified by the FillColor property. The function begins filling at the point specified by the X and Y properties and continues in all directions until it reaches the boundary.
If FillStyle is FLOODFILLSURFACE, Windows assumes that the area to be filled is a single color. The function begins to fill the area at the point specified by the X and Y properties, and continues in all directions, filling all adjacent regions containing the color specified by FillColor.
HatchStyle Property Get the current value of the style used for the flood fill when the BrushStyle is set to hatched. The value of this property should be set to one of the Windows API Hatch Style constants (HS_HORIZONTAL, HS_BDIAGONAL, HS_CROSS etc.) which are exposed as EnumFloodFillHatchStyles constants in this class.
X Property Get the location of the horizontal starting point for the flood fill.
Y Property Get the location of the vertical starting point for the flood fill.
Class_Initialize Initialize Set initial values to defaults which may be overridden with property settings.
FloodFill Method Fills an area with a specified color.
TranslateVBColor Private Translates VBA/VB6 color constants for system colors into GDI equivalents. VBA/VB6 color constants, such as vbRed, vbBlue, or values returned using the QBColor() or RGB() functions, can be used directly for the color values used with Windows API calls. However, the VBA/VB6 color constants for system colors (vbButtonFace, vb3DShadow etc.) do not map correctly to those expected by Windows. This function accepts either form of constant and translates the value, if necessary, into the equivalent value expected by the Windows GDI subsystem.
' Example of the CGDIFloodFill class
' To try this example, do the following:
' 1. Create a new form
' 2. Paste all the code from this example to the new form's module
' 3. Run the form and click on the background. Two overlapping rectangles
'    are drawn on the form, and the overlapped area is filled

Private Sub Form_Load()
  ' Set scalemode for easy calculation
    Me.ScaleMode = vbInches
    Me.ForeColor = vbRed
End Sub

Private Sub Form_MouseUp(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, Y As Single)

  Dim GDIFloodFill As CGDIFloodFill

  Set GDIFloodFill = New CGDIFloodFill

  ' Erase the form background

  ' Draw two overlapping rectangles
    Me.Line (X - 0.5, Y - 0.5)-(X + 0.5, Y + 0.5), , B
    Me.Line (X, Y)-(X + 1, Y + 1), , B

  ' Fill the overlapped area with a solid color
    With GDIFloodFill
      .BrushStyle = ffbsBS_SOLID

      .X = ScaleX(X, vbInches, vbPixels) + 5
      .Y = ScaleY(Y, vbInches, vbPixels) + 5

      .FillColor = vbRed
      .FillStyle = ffsFLOODFILLBORDER

      .FloodFill Me.hDC

    End With

  Set GDIFloodFill = Nothing

End Sub

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