Microsoft Access Bracketed and Formatted VBA Module Printout

Even if your Microsoft Access modules or classes are a complete mess (even if it's all left aligned or misaligned), the powerful Bracketed Module Printout report in Total Access Analyzer properly indents it and shows programming loops so you can read the code more efficiently.

See every VBA programming loop, embedded loops, and exits from them in colored brackets. No matter how your code is originally indented, Total Access Analyzer properly indents each loop.

Easily see and understand complex logic structures, and find buried Exit statements pointing to the loop it exits, like the "Exit Function" example below. All the lines are numbered making it easy to reference.

Microsoft Access Module Printout Report with Formatted VBA Loops

Exit Function and Exit Sub

In the example below, notice the Exit Function command that exits the procedure in the middle. Procedure exits like this are considered sloppy programming and should be avoided. Read this tip on Avoiding Exits in the Body of Procedures in VB6/VBA for more information.

Module brackets with Exit Function

A related report which prints the code without adjusting for indentations is the Standard Module report.

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