Updates for Total Visual Agent 2016, Version 16.0

This is no longer the latest version of Total Visual Agent.
Existing Total Visual Agent customers can upgrade to the latest version for a nominal fee.
For more information on the new features, visit Total Visual Agent 2021.

The latest version of Total Visual Agent 2016, version 16.0 is:

16.00.0015 (released January 2017)

This update is available free of charge to owners of Total Visual Agent 2016. Notification and download instructions for receiving the patch were emailed to registered owners. If you did not receive instructions, please contact us so we can update your information.

Update History

Note: You should uninstall your existing version before installing the new one. Your settings and history logs are not uninstalled and are used by the new version.

After Running a Test, New Option to View Activity History Log

After testing a task, the completion prompt now offers an option to see the Activity History Log for results. Previously, you would need to select it from the View menu.

Option to View Activity History Log

Microsoft Access 2016, 64-bit File Location Properly Initialized

In some cases, when Total Visual Agent was installed on a machine with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Access 2016, it did not locate it. This is resolved.

Settings Options: Changes to Access Program Location and Workgroup Security File are Saved

When the Access file location or workgroup security file were changed using the browse button, the new values were not being saved unless you entered the text box. This works correctly now.

Focus Remains on Task Group when a Database is Added

After a database was added to a task group by right clicking on the tree view and adding it, the tree view would reset focus to the top level. Focus now remains on the task group.

Setup Program Has Option to Launch Total Visual Agent

When the setup program finishes, there is now an option to launch the Total Visual Agent manager.

The original release was Version 16.00.0013 on August 24, 2016.

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