Microsoft TechEd Conference World Turned Upside Down: Development Strategies for Lean Times

Panel Discussion at Microsoft TechEd North America

Taped on May 13, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center

FMS President and founder Luke Chung was selected by Microsoft as a panelist discussing how to run a software consulting business during economically challenging times.

Are you a developer wondering what to do in these dire economic times? Or are you in charge of a development team facing tighter budgets and higher risk?
Not sure what to do or consider to protect your job or career? Listen to this panel for their insight and experience.

During tough economic times, development teams tend to get smaller while business requirements get larger in an effort to do more with less. The panelists share their insights and experiences gleaned from years of surviving economic ups and downs. There is no one right or wrong way to do development.

Watch the panel discussion with Luke Chung, Stephen Forte, Kent Alstad, Armen Stein, Rockford Lhotka, and Paul Sheriff, emceed by Microsoft's Mary Chipman. The cumulative experience of the panelists encompasses the full range of consulting and vendor experiences spanning the last 20 years.

Learn from their experiences as developers, owners of software firms, managers of development teams, and collaborators with a wide range of customers and environments.

Many ideas, suggestions, and philosophies are offered on making yourself more valuable by understanding your role in your organization, taking advantage of lean times, approaches for rapid application development, and pragmatic ways to address the needs of your organization.

From learning new technologies, diversifying opportunities, and getting a mentor, there are many ways to maximize your value to the organization who's paying you while investing in yourself.

51 minutes

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