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Module: SortCollection in Category General VBA/VB6 : Searching and Sorting from Total Visual SourceBook

Sort a Collection using a BubbleSort algorithm in ascending or descending order in VBA and VB6.

Procedure List

Procedure Name



(Declarations) Declarations Declarations and private variables for the modSortCollection module
BubbleSortCollection Procedure Bubble-sorts the passed collection

Example Code for Using Module: SortCollection

' Example of modSortCollection
' To use this example, create a new module and paste this code into it.
' Then run the procedure by putting the cursor in the procedure and pressing:
'    F5 to run it, or
'    F8 to step through it line-by-line (see the Debug menu for more options)

Private Sub Example_modSortCollection()
  ' Comments: Example of using the modSortCollection module to sort a collection in VBA and VB6.
  '           See the sorting information in the Immediate Window.

  Dim intA As Integer
  Dim col As New Collection
  Dim intChar As Integer
  Dim strWord As String
  Dim intLetters As Integer

  ' Create a collection with the letters of the alphabet from A to Z
  intA = Asc("A")
  For intChar = intA To Asc("Z")
    ' Create a string with an initial value and an extra random characters

    ' First letter
    strWord = Chr$(intChar)

    ' Add a random number of letters up to 10
    intLetters = CInt(Rnd() * 10) + 1
    For intLetters = 2 To intLetters
      strWord = strWord & Chr$(Int(25 * Rnd()) + intA)
    Next intLetters

    ' Add the phrase to the "word"
    col.Add strWord
  Next intChar

  ' Sort them in descending order
  BubbleSortCollection col, False

  ' Display the results
  Debug.Print "Descending order"
  Debug.Print "-----------------------------"
  For intChar = 1 To 26
    Debug.Print col(intChar)
  Next intChar

  ' Sort them ascending order
  BubbleSortCollection col, True

  ' Display the results
  Debug.Print "Ascending order"
  Debug.Print "-----------------------------"
  For intChar = 1 To 26
    Debug.Print col(intChar)
  Next intChar
End Sub

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