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Total Visual Agent 2007 is a legacy version of Total Visual Agent. Since then, we've released Total Visual Agent 2010, Total Visual Agent 2013, and the current version is Total Visual Agent 2016 which supports Microsoft Access versions 2007 and later. Upgrade to the latest version to get all the new features.

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This FAQ page covers issues specifically for Total Visual Agent 2007. For general FAQs for the product, visit: Main FAQ Page

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Pre-Sale Questions

Total Visual Agent 2007 supports:

  • Microsoft Access 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97, 95, 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0.
  • All Databases and Access Data Projects from Access 2007 format and earlier (ACCDB, MDB, and ADP)
  • Jet Engine 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, and 2.0
  • Visual Basic 6.0, 5.0, and 4.0

In order to support the ACCDB database format, Total Visual Agent 2007 requires Microsoft Access 2007 to be installed on the same computer. Fortunately, you don't need to use a Microsoft Access 2007 license to do this if you want to install Total Visual Agent on a machine without Access 2007. Visit our Microsoft Access Runtime Download page for links to get your free download.

Check the Product Compatibility Chart for version information for all of our products.

Total Visual Agent 2007 supports Windows XP and later. It runs on 32-bit operating systems. It does not run on 64-bit operating systems.

Upgrade to Total Visual Agent 2013 for 64-bit OS support. Owners of Total Visual Agent 2007 can upgrade to the latest version at a discounted price.

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There are a few reasons that may prevent Total Visual Agent from properly installing.

  • Please ensure that you are attempting to install this on a 32-bit edition of Windows. Upgrade to Total Visual Agent 2013 for 64-bit support.
  • Do you have rights to install files in the installation folder? Windows may have User Access Control (UAC) set to prevent you from installing programs in your Program Files folder. If so, install the program in another folder.
  • There may be interference with other programs that are currently running. Please close the programs you can and try installing again.

Yes. Total Visual Agent 2007 requires MS Access 2007, or the free runtime version of Access 2007, installed on your machine.

Total Visual Agent 2003 and earlier do not require your machine to have Microsoft Access installed. The differences is Total Visual Agent 2007's support for the ACCDB file format.

You also need to have Access installed if you want to perform these tasks:

  • Running/executing a macro
  • Compacting an Access Data Project (ADP)

See the version information section for details.

To reinstall Total Visual Agent 2007 or upgrade from a previous version, follow these steps:

  1. Make a copy of your settings database (TVAGNT12.MDB, TVAGNT11.MDB, etc.). This file is located in your installation directory or in the common files location on your computer.
  2. Uninstall Total Visual Agent, and delete the settings database from your installation directory (be careful NOT to delete the backup copy you just made--you'll need it!).
  3. Install the new version of Total Visual Agent.
  4. Start the Total Visual Agent Manager, and select Tools, Import Manager Settings from the Total Visual Agent menu.
  5. Browse to the copy of your settings database (which you created in step 1), and press "Import."

This issue occurs if the machine you are using does not have a copy of Microsoft Access 2007 or the free Microsoft Access 2007 runtime installed. The runtime version is available on Microsoft's web site: Download Access 2007

Total Visual Agent 2007 has the following system requirements:

  • Microsoft Access 2007 or the 32-bit versions of Access 2010 or 2013 (or the runtime version)
  • Hardware and operating system to support Microsoft Access
  • 40 MB free disk space for Total Visual Agent program files
  • 150 MB free disk space for Microsoft .NET Framework if it's not already installed

When running Total Visual Agent I get this error: "You cannot install this VB5 application without the latest service pack first being installed onto this computer. Please install the latest service pack and rerun this installation"?

This error occurs with older versions of Windows, and means you do not have the minimum Windows service pack installed. Total Visual Agent is not supported under Windows NT 3.x. If you are using Windows NT 4, please install Service Pack 6 (or higher).

This issue can occur for several reasons:

  1. You do not have full permissions to work over the network or on specific databases. Please see your Network Administrator to obtain any needed privileges, or permissions to have full rights to the database or network.
  2. You have the executed the Agent Monitor prior to opening the Agent Manager. Please ensure that you run the Agent Manager at least once before running the Agent Monitor. The Agent Manager needs to setup the tasks, so it doesn't make sense to run the Monitor to execute tasks until they are created.

No. Total Visual Agent can successfully launch a macro in your database if it has workgroup security or doesn't have a password.

Support for running macros on databases with a database password was introduced in Total Visual Agent 2013. This and many other new features were added in the 2013 version.

Indexes and relationships could interfere with Total Visual Agent's ability to perform an archive of your table. Total Visual Agent makes a copy of each table individually. If relationships require certain values to exist in other tables, it may fail to save your records due to missing records in the tables it depends upon. By not including indexes and relationships, it avoids problems associated with the order tables are populated.

You should archive individual tables when it's not possible to make a complete database backup (if users are in the database). The purpose of the table data extract is recovery of data that was added since the last time a complete copy of the database was made (with the Archive action).

The recommended backup procedure for databases that are heavily updated during the day is:

  1. Perform an Archive Database action one or more times a day at a time when nobody is using the database, such as the middle of the night.
  2. Schedule a Table Data Extract action to run several times throughout the day (e.g. every hour) to extract the data from the most crucial tables.

In Total Visual Agent 2013, this action now creates tables with basic indexes and properties. This and many other new features were added in newer versions.

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