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  • March 2021
    Configure Microsoft SQL Server Express for Multiuser Environments, Using Total Access Emailer with SendGrid SMTP Server, Running Microsoft Access via Remote Desktop and Remote App including Hosting on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, How to Change the Update Channels for Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Access Database Architecture: Storing Temporary Data and User Settings, Improved Date/Time Extended Data Type, Microsoft Office 365 Access Update Version Releases, Remove 'Save to SharePoint Site' Prompt from a Microsoft Access Database, COVID-19 Contact Tracing Software, Sentinel Visualizer Version 9 Released, Upcoming Virtual Microsoft Access Conference - Virtual Access DevCon 2021, Upcoming Microsoft Access Conference - Access Cascade Conference 2021
  • October 2020
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award, Microsoft 365 Roadmap for Access, Virtual Access Cascade Conference, Denver Area Access Users Group Online Presentation, Windows Tip: Magnifier, Change Office 365 update cycle to the Monthly Enterprise Channel, Error: "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application", Decimal Field Problems in Microsoft Access Build 12827.20010
  • June 2020
    RemoteApp and Microsoft Access Database Applications, Breaking ACE Out of the Bubble, Access does not recognize the Identity Column in a linked SQL Server Table, SQL Server Express 2019 is Available, Feast your Eyes on our Access Query Improvements!, Access Day 2020 in Redmond, Washington - Cancelled, Upcoming Microsoft Access Conference - Portland Access User Group Conference
  • November 2019
    Critical Alert! Microsoft Access Update Query is Corrupt Error 3340, FMS turns 33, Email Aliases and Forwarding Microsoft Office 365 Messages to Another Mailbox, Managing Trusted Location with Microsoft Access, Support for Windows 7 Discontinuing soon, Delay Sending Your Emails in Microsoft Outlook 2019 and 2016, Upcoming Microsoft Conferences - Microsoft Access Developer Conference in Vienna, Austria and Portland Access User Group Conference
  • September 2019
    Total Access Analyzer Update for Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007, MVP Award, Microsoft Access Shortcut Keys for Data Entry and Navigation, Inheriting Legacy Microsoft Access Databases, FMS is Sponsoring the Portland Oregon Access User Group on Meetup, Microsoft Access Team Creates a SQL Server Migration Webpage, Upcoming Microsoft Access Conferences
  • March 2019
    Microsoft Access Form Tip: Copy and Paste a Command Button without Losing its Picture, How to tell if you're using Microsoft Access 2016 or 2019, Avoid SQL Server Security Issues by Replacing Server Logins with Database Users, Office 365 and Access 2019 Runtime Downloads, Eliminate Microsoft Azure SQL Server Security Holes, Government Shutdown, FMS is Sponsoring Two Access User Groups on Meetup, Upcoming Microsoft Access Conferences
  • December 2018
    FMS celebrates 32nd Birthday, FMS Career Opportunities, Total Access Analyzer 2019 Ships, New Updates for Total Access Analyzer 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007, Microsoft Access Database Recovery Service, MVP Award, Microsoft Access database in an 'inconsistent state', How to split an Access database, Upcoming Microsoft Access Conferences
  • August 2018
    Total Access Emailer Update for Access 2016, Total Access Startup Support Page, Access Version Updates, Digital Signatures on FMS Products, SQL Server Express 2017, Deploying SQL Server ODBC Driver, Upcoming Microsoft Access Conferences
  • July 2018
    DC Access User Group Meeting, Microsoft MVP, Total Access Emailer 2016 Update, Total Access Detective Update, New Total Access Statistics Support Page, Sentinel Visualizer 8, Access Version Updates, Upcoming Microsoft Access Conferences, Updated FMS Privacy Policy
  • May 2018
    Remote Desktop Authentication Error, Converting SQL Server Databases to SQL Elastic Pools, Bill Gates at Harvard University, Microsoft Access Conferences
  • April 2018
    Microsoft Access Conferences Monitoring Microsoft SQL Server on Azure, Office 365 SMTP Relay, Facebook App for Social Network Analysis, Microsoft Access Queries, Office Resources, New Education and Government Clients
  • March 2018
    Update released for Total Access Statistics, New Access Version Feature Comparison Matrix, Recap of past and upcoming events, New Access Database ACCDE and MDE Recovery Service, Office/Access 2019 Announcement, Total Access Emailer Troubleshooting, Access Version Updates, Radio Show appearance
  • November 2017
    Microsoft Access celebrates its 25th Birthday! Configuring Office365's Exchange SMTP Server for Total Access Emailer, Query Tip for Proper Case, Total Access Detective updates, New ODBC Drives for SQL Server 2016 SP1 for Azure, Running VBA Code from Macros, VBA Programming Video, Access DevCon Austria, Form Combo Box and List Box Selection
  • December 2016
    Microsoft Access 2016 versions for Total Access Admin and Total Visual Agent, New versions for Total Access Emailer and Total Access Statistics, Announcements from the Access Team, Upcoming Events, Adding Library Reference Tip, Missing Mapped Drives paper, SQL Server 2016 SP1, New MS Access builds
  • June 2016
    Microsoft Access 2016 versions for Total Access Emailer, Total Access Statistics, and Total Access Startup, Remote Desktop Tips, Updated SQL Express Matrix adds SQL Server 2016, Access version history update
  • March 2016
    Alert for Office 2010 patch that causes Access 2010 wizards and ACCDE/MDE files to fail.
  • December 2015
    New versions of Total Access Detective, Total Access Analyzer and Total Access Speller Ship, C# Web Developer Wanted, MS Access 2016 Invisible Image bug, Microsoft Access team User Voice site, Subform MasterLinkFields paper, Web site redesign
  • July 2015
    Total Access Analyzer 2013 and Total Access Admin 2003 Update Ship, New FAQs for Total Access Statistics and Total Visual Agent, Addition to Access Version History, Smart Access articles
  • April 2015
    Total Visual SourceBook 2013 and Total Access Admin 2013 Ship, New Access to SQL Server Upsizing Center, Total Access Detective Review, New White Papers on All Access Versions, Runtime Versions, and SQL Express Versions, Updated Papers, Upcoming Conferences
  • August 2014
    Total Access Statistics 2013 Ships, Total Access Analyzer Free Updates for 2010 and 2007, Upcoming NYC Access User Group Meeting, New paper for Class Not Registered, New Microsoft Outlook Tips Center, Updated Papers, Appearance on the Sean Hannity Show
  • June 2014
    Total Access Emailer 2013 Ships, Microsoft Access Version History, Office365 Free Trial, Access Web App Videos, Export to Excel Tip, Remote Desktop Reboot, Windows updates
  • March 2014
    Total Visual Agent 2013 Ships, Total Access Speller 2013 and 2010 Ship, Review of Total Access Analyzer, Access Day and PAUG conferences, more news, Access Runtime download, ADO Version Tip, Microsoft News, New Clients
  • October 2013 Technical Disaster, Review of Total Access Analyzer and Total Access Detective, Access Day, Total Access Emailer, Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 Release, Microsoft Resources
  • July 2013
    Total Access Analyzer and Total Visual CodeTools recognized, Matrix Comparison of Access, LightSwitch and Visual Studio, National Archives Application, Inconsistent Compile Error, Installation Folder, New Support Forum, Azure Enhancements including Oracle
  • May 2013
    Errant goose, Total Access Analyzer, Total Access Detective, Blaming Access and Excel, Query Sorting, Shortcut Keys, Outlook Tips, Sentinel Visualizer, Azure
  • March 2013
    New Blog, Portland Access Conference, Updates for Total Visual CodeTools, Total Access Statistics, and Sentinel Visualizer, Union Queries

Comments from our Subscribers

Greg Dermer

I used your advice about looping through Recordsets on a project at work. I simplified the project and exceeded expectations; many thanks!

James Overholser

In this field, I need every resource possible to keep me more up-to-date than my clients; the FMS Buzz provides me with just that type of valuable information with each and every issue.

Paul Binet, Germany

Glad to get your newsletter today. I'd been trying to figure out a way for Access to mate with Outlook, then Poof!!!

The answer was in your email, Access tip...five easy steps to retrieve info from an Outlook data file into an Access database.

M. Baldwin

Hey, I love you guys. I didn't know about the Access decompile tip.

During development, my application database had ballooned to over 21 megabytes. I ran the Microsoft Access decompile tip, compile and save modules, and compacted, and it was reduced to just over 12 megs; what a huge reduction!!

I'm amazed. Thanks for this great tip. It was just what I needed.

Linda Lawson, United Kingdom

I just wanted to thank you for providing a link to the FreeWheel utility that enables scrolling within the Visual Basic window. What a joy it is to be able to move up and down the screen freely.

My partner thinks I'm completely barking that such an insignificant thing could provide such pleasure but I'm sure you guys know how frustrating it is to keep moving the scrollbar manually.

I always read your tips section in the newsletter as I'm self-taught and work from home mostly so I don't get the benefit of working with other more experienced colleagues and pinching all their good ideas! Thanks again.

D. Dowler, Information Systems, Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Thank you! Thank you! I have just finished reading your paper, which was part of a link in the recent Buzz newsletter. I have printed it for others to read, especially those skeptical on the powers of Microsoft Access and its capabilities.

Recently I had the opportunity to prove to my employer that a proper redesign of an existing Access solution was the better choice to make. The previous design was completed by what Access professional developers would consider a rookie. Over 30 users were sharing the same MDB program which also included the tables. Egad!

The business was screaming for help and the IT staff, not knowing any better, claimed that if they pushed the data to SQL Server, the problems would go away. Wrong!

I rewrote the application using unbound forms and split it into an MDE and MDB, altering the Shift-Key-Bypass property in both to prevent unwarranted access. The business loves it! The amount of data created annually didn't justify moving it to SQL and I knew their connectivity issues would be corrected once they used my application.

I have been writing applications in Access for over 7 years, learning and growing each year.

I had the opportunity to attend the Advisor Developer's Conference in Phoenix. After attending a session that spoke highly of Total Access Analyzer and the other FMS Access tools, I knew I had to purchase them. Thanks to your company's products I have reduced my development time and technical documentation time greatly.

Once again, thanks for your document and I look forward to reading more.

The Buzz is a monthly Free email newsletter. If there is any topic you would like our experts to cover in future articles just let us know. You don't want to miss another priceless issue.

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Thank you! Thank you! I just finished reading this document, which was part of a link in the recent Buzz newsletter. I have printed it for others to read, especially those skeptical on the powers of Access and its capabilities.

Darren D.

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