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Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Total Access Analyzer! We hope that you use this Trial to discover how Total Access Analyzer can help you create better and faster Access solutions in less time.


Introducing Total Access Analyzer

Total Access Analyzer is the most popular Microsoft Access add-in program of all time, and the winner of every Best Access Add-in Award!

It has achieved these titles by providing the Access community with a powerful way to create better Access databases, and helping developers find errors and suggest ways to improve their applications and skills.

Total Access Analyzer documents and analyzes your Microsoft Access database to reveal detailed information on each object, extensive cross-reference on where and how each object is used, and 300 types of errors and suggestions to fix and improve it.

Leverage the decades of experience the FMS staff brings to Access application development with Total Access Analyzer. Let it apply the Best Practices we've learned on our own and through the community over the years, so you can create more professional solutions today!

Learning About the Product

Before using the demo version, check out our product tour. The tour provides a nice overview of Total Access Analyzer which you can apply when you run the demo. It'll be particular fun to use the property slices and diagrams interactively.

Additional resources are available here for viewing the list of reports and issues detected. That should give you a better idea of the extensive capabilities of Total Access Analyzer.

The complete context sensitive online help system is included with the Demo so you can review that by pressing [F1] at any point.

Important Demo Information

This demo program lets you explore how Total Access Analyzer works and review the output it generates.

It includes documentation of the sample database Northwind database that is included with Access. With this demo, you can see the large variety of results generated by Total Access Analyzer and:

  • Use the Documentation Explorer to view the results including the property slices and diagrams
  • Search the documentation for any string across the object properties, macro lines, and code
  • Review the 390+ reports which includes:
    • Table structure reports
    • Macro printouts
    • Formatted module printouts
    • Application flow diagrams
    • Field type analysis
    • Form and report blueprints
    • Object cross-reference reports
    • Module cross-reference reports
    • Errors, Suggestions, and Performance Tips
    • and much more

You'll quickly see why serious Access users and developers rely on Total Access Analyzer to simplify their development efforts to make sure they deliver great systems with fewer problems.

Install the Demo Now

Like the full version, the demo of Total Access Analyzer is Access version specific because each Access version handles objects, properties and code differently.

To install the Demo version of Total Access Analyzer, follow these steps.

Download the setup file for your version of Microsoft Access:

Microsoft Access Version


Access 2019, version 17 Download Demo32 and 64-bit
Access 2016, version 16 Download Demo32 and 64-bit
Access 2013, version 15 Download Demo32 and 64-bit
Access 2010, version 14
(64-bit version requires Access 2010, SP1 or later)
Download Demo32 and 64-bit
Access 2007, version 12
(SP2 or later)
Download Demo
Access 2003, version 11 Download Demo
Access 2002, version 10 Download Demo
Access 2000, version 9 Download Demo
Access 97, version 8 Download Demo
  1. Run the setup program from your local computer.
  2. Read the contents of the installed README.HTM file.

The Demo does not generate documentation on your database. It includes the entire user interface, sample documentation, context sensitive help system and manual.

Contact Us

We are very interested in receiving feedback about Total Access Analyzer. Please submit any questions or comments to our Support Team.

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