Microsoft Access Products and User Matrix

FMS offers a wide range of sophisticated, commercial off the shelf (COTS) products to maximize your investment in Microsoft Access. As the world's leading provider of 3rd party products for Access, we have extensive experience meeting the needs of the MS Access community. In fact, most of our products were inspired by the challenges we encountered ourselves.

We hope our products find a place in your toolbox so that you can operate at peak efficiency. Click here for a summary list and description of all the FMS Products for Microsoft Access.

Our products have many features, so it's difficult to describe them with a few words and pick how it's best for you. We hope you'll use this summary to identify products that are relevant to you, and dig deeper to discover why so many Access professionals use our solutions.

The boxes in Yellow are particularly appropriate for that product and user category.

User Category
Product Name Primary Feature End User Power User Developer Quality Assurance Database Administrator
Total Access Analyzer Analyze your databases for improvements. #1 Access add-in of all time!
Fix errors, learn and apply Best Practices

Learn and apply Access Best Practices
Find and fix problems before shipping Find problems as part of testing
Helpful for taking over existing databases
Total Access Admin Monitor who is in your database maybe for multi-user environments
Troubleshooting database corruption
  See who's currently locking a database
Total Access Components Enhance your user interface
Add cool features without coding

Dazzle your users; add a professional touch
The only collection of ActiveX controls for Access    
Total Access Detective Find differences between databases and objects
For data differences between tables

If you lost track of what you modified
Know exactly what changed between two databases or objects
Know what changed between versions
Total Access Emailer Personalized email blaster can sends data & reports
Easily email everyone on your list

Email Access data and reports

Add and deploy email blasts in your applications
Total Access Memo Rich text memo fields to forms and reports
Write and store formatted memos

Give your users the rich text memo fields they expect
Total Access Speller Spell checker

Fix typos on report labels

Find and fix typos for your user interface

Find typos before shipping
Total Access Startup Launch the right version of Access and your database   if building databases for others Easily deploy new builds   Centrally manage DBs across a network
Total Access Statistics Statistically analyze your data
Extend the power of Access queries

Add statistical values to your reports

Amaze your users with your number crunching ability
Total Visual Agent Compact, backup, run macros, etc. on an automated schedule     If you're responsible for databases, you want this to run nightly
Schedule tasks
Make sure databases are kept healthy
Total Visual SourceBook Royalty free source code library   great way to learn how to code Why write code we've already written and tested?    
Total Visual CodeTools Code writing, cleanup, and delivery tools. Apply error handling and variable naming conventions.     Code builders and helpers you'll use continuously
Add line numbers to trap exactly where a crash occurs
Make sure your team uses this for consistent styles and error handling. Cleans up existing code
Total Zip Code Database USPS zip codes for city & state lookup and fill Enter a zip code and never type a city name again
Save time and eliminate typos

Deliver magic by auto filling city and state when users enter a zip code

Improve quality during data entry
Suites Multi-product bundles   maybe Absolutely!    

Category Definitions

  • End User
    Uses Access interactively for data collection, querying, reporting, etc. Does not program or write macros.
  • Power User
    Uses Access interactively and able to create automated solutions with macros and rudimentary VBA.
  • Developer
    Creates databases for use by others. Experienced with writing VBA modules. Creates multi-user solutions across a network and/or deployed to other sites. Concerned about quality, maintainability, ease of deployment, and on going support. Interested in adopting best practices and providing features without always coding it from scratch.
  • Quality Assurance
    Tests applications. Benefits from tools that assist with improving quality, reliability, and consistency. Burdened with proving mistakes and crashes are real and reproducible.
  • Database Administrator
    Ensures that applications are properly maintained, backed up, compacted, etc. after they are deployed. Also concerned that best practices are used when new users and developers are added, and when old ones leave.

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