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Update History

This update includes the following enhancements and fixes:

Centimeters Option

By default, the Total Access Memo editor presents a ruler in inches. You can use a centimeter scale by modifying the Total Access Memo initialization file, TAMEMO.INI, which is in the Windows directory. Add a new item (Centimeters=1) under [Editor] to switch the ruler to centimeters. If there is no entry, or Centimeters=0, the ruler displays inches. An updated TAMEMO.INI file look like this:


TextLimit Property

A new property, TextLimit, sets the maximum acceptable size of the RTF memo field. Users cannot enter text beyond the limit set. If they try, the editor will prevent them from doing so with a warning message. By default, the value is 32,512 characters. If you want memo fields larger than this, you need to use the TAM_CheckRTF procedure described below.

This property can be set directly on the Total Access Memo OCX, just like its other properties. In design mode, right click on the control, choose "FMS Total Access Memo Control Object" from the menu, and enter the TextLimit property. Acceptable values are between 200 and 32,512. (The 200 limit is the minimum for the RTF header). The number is the size of the RTF field which includes the text plus formatting.

To see the size of an RTF field, launch the editor and look at the Help|About box.

Using the Snippet Code from the Control Properties Dialog

On page 25 of the User's Guide, the screen shot for the Control Properties Dialog shows three separate text boxes for the snippet code. This has been changed in the shipping product to make the dialog easier to use.

The dialog now contains all the code in one text box. When you enter the Form Events or Report Events page of the Control Properties dialog, simply press the [Copy] button to copy all the code to the clipboard. Close the Control Properties dialog and return to your form or report's module. Then press Control-V or select Edit, Paste from the menu to copy the snippet code to the module.

Dynamically Resizing the Control on a Report

Total Access Memo now includes a feature that allows dynamic resizing of a control on a report. Please see the section 'Dynamically Resizing the Control,' in the help file, and the Demo Database, for more information.

Tam20g.exe (422 KB) - Last updated December 30, 1997

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