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"The entire tool is completely intuitive. It's a great training tool and has excellent potential for encouraging development standards. Total .NET SourceBook's simple elegance is impressive."

Andy Clark, Visual Studio Magazine

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Optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio .NETTotal .NET SourceBook

The SourceBook Code Webservice

Every time you start Total .NET SourceBook, the program automatically connects to our unique Code WebService. The latest code, articles, and tips are automatically downloaded to your database. Our developers are constantly adding content to help you with .NET. 

Latest Code Webservice Content

Built on .NET Technologies

The Total .NET SourceBook Code Webservice is built using .NET Webservice technology. Using the latest techniques, we can offer new content to SourceBook users automatically. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can get the latest content as soon as it becomes available.

How it Works

When you start Total .NET SourceBook, the program launches a background thread for its Webservice client. It connects to a server at FMS and requests a list of new content as of the date you last downloaded. Once the new list is received and parsed, it is shown in the Total .NET SourceBook browser window. Press the [Download all new content] button and you're ready to go. New content is downloaded and added to your database automatically.