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Statistics Info:

Why Statistics?

"Total Access Statistics performs a wide range of data analysis right inside Access. The product includes a Statistics Wizard to perform parametric, group, non-parametric, record analysis and more. The results are placed in Access tables that you can integrate into your forms and reports."

Alison Balter, Author

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Perform statistical analysis on Microsoft Access dataPerform statistical analysis on Microsoft Access dataNumerical Analysis for Microsoft Access data Numerical Analysis for Microsoft Access: Download the Trial Version of Total Access Statistics

Microsoft Access 2016 SHIPPING FOR MICROSOFT ACCESS 2016

New Features:

  • Supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Access 2016
  • Runtime libraries support Access 2016 thru 2003
  • Assign percentile values to records
  • Column width adjustment for output tables
  • Percent format for certain percentage fields
  • New financial calculations for cash flow analysis including PV, NPV, FV, IRR, MIRR, XIRR, XMIRR, etc.
  • Improved user interface and performance
  • Updated help file
  • details...

New Version 14.1 for Access 2010, and Versions X.9 for Access 2007 and 2003

The Most Powerful Data Analysis Program for Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access queries offer basic data analysis. For more advanced computations and real number crunching, programming is required, sometimes lots of it, or you need to export your data to another program.

Fortunately, the Microsoft Access community has relied on Total Access Statistics for almost two decades for advanced number crunching within Access. Designed specifically for Microsoft Access, Total Access Statistics runs as an add-in for Access and offers a wide range of statistical functions to analyze your data. Your data can be in Access tables, linked from other sources such as SQL Server, or from a query. Analyze multiple fields and an unlimited number of records at one time. You can even analyze data from multi-table select queries or crosstabs.

Best of all, the results are provided in tables which you can further analyze or add to your queries, forms, and reports. You'll be amazed at the powerful statistical analysis you can generate within Microsoft Access without being a mathematician or statistician!

Designed Exclusively for Microsoft Access

Total Access Statistics is designed specifically for Microsoft Access and behaves the way you expect. Tightly integrated into MS Access, it runs as an add-in directly from your database (ACCDB, MDB, or ADP formats):

Total Access Statistics Runs as a Microsoft Access Add-in

The main Total Access Statistics form appears ready to analyze the data in your database:

Total Access Statistics Main Screen
Total Access Statistics Main Screen

No Programming Required; All Results in Access Tables

The interactive Statistics Wizard guides you through the process with no programming required! All results are generated in the most flexible format: Access tables:

Total Access Statistics Sample Describe Output Table
Example of the Output Table for Field Descriptives, Grouped by State and Results for Three Data Fields (Displaying a Subset of Output Fields)

Easily display the results in your forms and reports. Your analysis settings are automatically saved, so you can modify them later or run them again when your data changes.

Wide Range of Statistical Functions

Easily specify the fields to analyze and optional grouping fields, weighting field, and value or values to ignore. Perform a wide variety of powerful calculations:

Field Descriptives

  • Count and Missing (null values)
  • Minimum, Maximum, Range, Sum, Sum of Squares, Mean
  • Variance, Coefficient of Variance, Standard Deviation, Standard Error
  • Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, Root Mean Square
  • Skewness, Kurtosis
  • Mode, Mode Count
  • t-Test versus Mean (test for null hypothesis)
  • Confidence Intervals (t and Normal tests). 95% and user-specified levels

Microsoft Access Financial Cash Flow Calculations with Total Access StatisticsFinancial Cash Flow Calculations NEW!

Use discounted cash flows and interest rates to generate Net Present Value (NPV), Present Value (FV), Future Value (FV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) for periodic and irregular (date dependent) payments and receipts. Eliminate the need to use Microsoft Excel for these calculations. Additional details on Financial Cash Flow Calculations in Microsoft Access


  • Median, Quartiles, Quintiles, Deciles, Octiles, 5th percentile, Percentile, 0.5 Percentile.
  • Results generated in a separate table or by updating a field in your existing table
  • Additional details on Calculating Percentiles in Microsoft Access

Running Totals and Moving Averages

Field Comparison

  • Mean difference, Standard Deviation of difference
  • Covariance, Correlation, R-Square
  • Paired t-Test, Probability (1 or 2 tails)

Frequency Distributions

  • Count and/or Percent of Occurrences
  • Count or Cumulative
  • Number of intervals
  • Interval width and Initial Value


Advanced Cross-Tabulations

Group Analysis

  • Two Sample t-Test
  • One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Two Way ANOVA

Record Analysis

Non-Parametric Analysis

  • One Sample Chi-Square
  • One Sample Sign Test for Median, Mean, and Custom Value
  • Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness of Fit Test (Uniform, Normal, Poisson)
  • Paired Sign Test, Spearman's Rank Correlation
  • Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test for Matched Pairs
  • Wald-Wolfowitz Runs Test
  • Mann-Whitney U Two Sample (non-matched) Test
  • Kruskal-Wallis One Way Analysis of Variance
  • Friedman's Two Way Analysis of Variance

Probability Calculator

  • Evaluate probability of test values: Z, t, Chi-Square, and F
  • Calculate inverse probability

Additional Details of Statistical Analysis Calculations

Royalty-Free Runtime License Included

VBA Programmers will appreciate the ability to by-pass the interactive interface to generate the results within an Access application. Amaze your users by performing advanced statistical analysis with a simple procedure call. Your users won't even know Total Access Statistics is running in the background. A royalty-free runtime license is included to let you include Total Access Statistics calculations within your applications for distribution to non-Total Access Statistics owners. Simply distribute our small library (under 2.5 MB) with your database and you'll be generating advanced statistical analysis. Here's more information on adding statistical analysis to Microsoft Access using VBA.

Total Access Statistics is simply the best data analysis program for Microsoft Access.

Numerical Analysis for Microsoft Access: Download the Trial Version of Total Access StatisticsFree Trial Version Available

Download the free trial version to run Total Access Statistics against your own data to see how easy it is to generate complex calculations in Access.

Pricing and Versions

Total Access Statistics runs as an Access add-in which is dependent on your version of Access. Each version can support all the database types supported by that Access version. For instance, Total Access Statistics 2010 can run on all ACCDB and ADP databases, and MDB database formats since Access 2000. Total Access Statistics 2016 is similar, except it doesn't support ADPs which were no longer supported since Access 2013.

Upgrade Versions

For existing customers, new versions of Total Access Statistics are now available. Click below for a list of enhancements:

Total Access Statistics Products
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License Price 2016 2013 2010 2007 2003 2002 2000 97

Single $599
5 Seat $1799

Upgrade from Another Access Version

Single $399
5 Seat $1199

Update to the Latest Version within the Same Version

        14.1 12.9 11.9 10.8 9.8 8.5
Single $249 N/A N/A
5 Seat $749 N/A N/A

Premium Support Subscription

Single $299

More Information

5 Seat $999

Also Available as part of

Total Access Ultimate Suite

Runtime/Redistributable Version

Total Access Statistics includes a runtime library with royalty-free redistribution rights. Use is subject to the terms of the license agreement.

Licensing Information

Total Access Statistics is licensed on a per user basis. Each user who runs the program must have a license.