Automate and Schedule Repetitive Microsoft Access Database Chores!

Microsoft Access Database Maintenance

So you've successfully deployed your Microsoft Access database application and people are happily using it. Don't rest yet! System Administration tasks are just beginning.

Compact and Repair Microsoft Access DatabasesAre you Performing the Database Maintenance Tasks Microsoft Access Requires on a Regular Basis?

Whether your application is written in MS Access, VB6, C++, or Visual Studio .NET, if you rely on Access/Jet Engine (*.ACCDB or *.MDB) databases, you need to periodically compact and repair them for optimal performance, recover unused disk space, and prevent data corruption. For more information, read the Microsoft article on keeping Microsoft Access databases in top condition.

Total Visual Agent automates database compacts, makes backups (copy and zip), runs macros, collects database statistics, monitors database size to alert you if they get too large, and performs other scheduled tasks to simplify these repetitive chores. Make sure these critical tasks are performed before disaster strikes.

Schedule It and Forget It!

Total Visual Agent lets you easily schedule and execute the repetitive tasks your databases need. Schedule a wide range of tasks and run them in a fully automated and audited manner. Set start times and end times, and receive emails if anything goes wrong. For extra security, Total Visual Agent can run as a Windows Service, so it can run without a user and recover from crashes.

Total Visual Agent is a system administrator's dream! (PC Week)

Easily Define and Manage Events, Tasks, Databases and Folders

Microsoft Access Database Task Scheduler with Total Visual Agent

Microsoft Access 365/2021 Shipping for Microsoft Access 365/2021

New Features:

  • Supports Microsoft Office 365/Access 2021 and earlier
  • Supports New ACCDB Database Formats
  • Email Alerts when Databases Get Too Large
  • Email Confirmations when Events Finish
  • Passwords and Encryption for Zipped Backups
  • New Monthly Events based on Nth Day of Week
  • New Yearly Events
  • Add Comments to Events
  • Treeview Search
  • Activity Log Column Sorting
  • Enhanced User Interface and Toolbar
  • New User Manual and Help File
  • Do you neglect maintenance tasks that are important for keeping your databases healthy?
  • Do you know if any Access database across your network is approaching the 2 GB limit?
  • Are you tired of spending every Monday or the first of the month manually running Access reports or macros? Wouldn't it be nice if the reports were just waiting for you when you showed up at work?
  • Do you forget to run end of day routines to send information or download data for the next day?
  • Would you like an easy to use system to run your tasks on a schedule?

If so, you need Total Visual Agent. Total Visual Agent lets you define and schedule these tasks for a specific database or a drive/folder full of databases:

Compress Microsoft Access Database Backup ArchivesActions to Perform on Microsoft Access Databases


  • Archive backup copies of your databases with the option to compress (zip) and encrypt them. Keep up to 99 rolling versions of each.
  • Compact and repair all your databases across your network every night
  • Run any Windows command line
  • Collect database statistics like record counts and database size to monitor usage, and receive an email if their size exceeds a limit you specify
  • Launch Access and run your macro which can do things like print reports, download data, export information, and run your custom VBA code
  • Create a copy of your critical data for all or specified tables in your database when you don't want or need to copy the entire database

Total Visual Agent lets you schedule and automatically perform these tasks every specified number of minutes, once per hour, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or at one specific time in the future.

Set the Schedule Type to Automate your Microsoft Access database chores

Perform your daily chores in the middle of the night! You can even back up data while users are in the database (ideal for 24/7 environments) or execute your own custom code such as printing reports or data uploads and downloads.

Notice the ability to specify a cut-off time for tasks to be completed. This ensures that as your databases grow and your tasks require more time to complete, Total Visual Agent never interferes with your business needs and alerts you if a start time has passed its time limit.

Total Visual Agent manages an unlimited number of Access/Jet Engine databases across your network. Install it on a PC that can see the databases you want to manage. It can even run as a Windows Service to provide extra security and automatically restart if your PC goes down.

The Manager portion lets you specify your events:

  • Create hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or one time events
  • Set the start time
  • Specify an optional end time if you want to stop the tasks by a certain time. For instance, you can make sure all the backups are done by 5 AM. If the deadline is hit, an email notifies you so you can adjust your tasks and events.

Define the tasks to execute:

  • Select databases and the tasks to perform on them
  • Specify a folder and the tasks to perform on all the databases/files there (including sub-directories)
  • Create a Task Group (a set of tasks you want to perform) and assign the databases or folders you want the tasks applied. This makes it easy to change the set of tasks you want to apply against multiple databases.

When the time arrives, Total Visual Agent performs its tasks, then goes back to "sleep" to await the next event.

Total Visual Agent supports secured databases and lets you assign the security workgroups, user name, and passwords necessary to perform the tasks you need.

Total Visual Agent offers a professional solution to ensure your Access/Jet databases perform optimally and are administered properly over time.

Activity History Log of Microsoft Access database maintenance

A complete audit trail is maintained in a table for every task performed. The data is stored in an Access database with reports that you can use.

Email Notification of ProblemsEmails can alert you if an error occurs, a database gets too large, or if you want a notification when an event finishes.

Email Confirmation
Sample Email Confirmation when an Event is Finished

You can specify a different email address for errors and event completion notices, and enter the settings for your SMTP server:

Email Notification Settings
Email Alert Settings with SMTP Support for Office 365

Total Visual Agent can run as a standard Windows program or as a "hidden" Windows Service. The service runs even without a user logged on to the computer, providing increased security and automated restart if the machine crashes. Simply schedule the tasks you want, and let Total Visual Agent take care of it forever. Visit Run as a Windows Service for details.

Microsoft Windows Service for Total Visual Agent

Total Visual Agent 2021 is our latest version supporting MS Access 365/2021 and all prior Access database formats:

  • Microsoft Access 365/2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97, 95, 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0
  • ACE/Jet Databases (ACCDBs and MDBs) including databases with workgroup security and passwords
  • Access Data Projects (ADPs)

Unless you want to run Access database macros, manage ADPs, or support ACCDB databases in the new formats after Access 2016, your PC does not need to have Access installed for Total Visual Agent to perform its tasks.

Total Visual Agent 2003 is available for supporting all Access database formats from Access 2003 and before (no ACCDB database format). For more details, visit our FAQ to decide which version is right for you.

Total Visual Agent Pricing
for Microsoft Access, Office, and Visual Basic 6
Licenses Price Access 365/2021, 2019, 2016,
2013, 2010 and 2007
Access 2003 and Earlier
Single $399 Buy Now Buy Now
5-Seat $1199 Buy Now Buy Now


Single $299 Buy Now Buy Now
5-Seat $899 Buy Now Buy Now

Premium Support Subscription

Single $299

More Information

5 Seat $999

Also Available as part of:

Total Access Ultimate Suite
Total VB Enterprise Suite

Runtime/Redistributable Version

A runtime version of Total Visual Agent is not available since it cannot be bundled within an Access or VB6 application (like a control). Total Visual Agent is a system administrative tool and usually runs on a machine separate from the deployed applications. Since it can manage databases across the entire network, its usefulness extends well beyond your application.

Many developers and consultants, who need to bundle scheduled database maintenance with their applications, purchase multi-license copies of Total Visual Agent and resell it to their clients. Not only can you resell Total Visual Agent at full price, you can also charge fees for installation and configuration to manage your applications, all their other Access/Jet databases, and scheduling other tasks. For more information, please contact

Licensing Information

Total Visual Agent is licensed on a per installation basis. Each installation can manage multiple databases across the entire network (assuming the machine has rights to view the other network drives).

Microsoft Office/Access 365 Support

Microsoft Office/Access 365 is a subscription that is constantly updated. Total Visual Agent 2021 supports the version of Office/Access 365 when it was released at the end of 2021. We cannot guarantee automatic support for all future releases with our current version. We strive to provide upgrades to support new features as they become available.

Total Visual Agent User manual

Version 2021 is shipping!

New Features

With Windows Service!
Supports: All Access, Jet Engine, and Visual Basic versions

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"Total Visual Agent is a real find, a rare combination of ease of use, and bang for the buck. In the end, no other competitor even comes close."

Thomas Wagner, Product Review in MS Office and VBA Developer

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