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Total Visual SourceBook

Total Visual SourceBook CD and Printed Manual

Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Version
is Shipping!

New features in Total Visual SourceBook for Access, Office 2007 and VB6

Supports Access/Office 2010 (32 bit), 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and
Visual Basic 6.0!

Also available for:
Access 97/95

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SourceBook Info:

Why SourceBook?


"The code is exactly how I would like to write code and the algorithms used are very efficient and well-documented."

Van T. Dinh, Microsoft MVP





Royalty free source code library modules for Microsoft Access, VB6, VBA, OfficeRoyalty free source code library modules for Microsoft Access, VB6, VBA, OfficeVBA and VB6 Source Code Library Download the free trial version of Total Visual SourceBook for Microsoft Access, Office, VB6 and VBA

Microsoft Office AccessTotal Visual SourceBook 2007: New Features

This version also supports the 32 bit version of Office/Access 2010.

The most popular professional source code library for Microsoft Access/Office and VB6 is now available for Microsoft Office Access 2007/2010. Total Visual SourceBook builds on its heritage of helping VBA/VB6 developers create better solutions using it's extensive collection of powerful, consistently written, documented, and tested source code.

As before, you can insert the source code directly into your projects and use them immediately. Treat them as a black box and just call the routines, examine each line of code to learn from our techniques, or modify the code to your specific needs. The code is completely open for you to use, and you can include them in your projects royalty-free!

Microsoft made a big investment to create Access 2007 and added a lot of great new features. There were significant changes to objects, properties, VBA commands, the user interface, and an entirely new database format with new field types. Outlook also added many new features. We've included support for these enhancements and many more features with our new version.

So we now support MDB, ADPs, and the new ACCDB database formats. The user interface can be in tabbed view or traditional windows. Layer on top of that the differences between Windows XP and Vista, and you'll quickly see the number of permutations our developers and QA staff needed to address.

We've added many enhancements based on our experiences and the recommendations of our customers. Thank you very much! We hope you like the results:

Lots of New and Improved Source Code

  • Code for the Access 2007/2010 ACCDB database format
    • Retrieve and update multi-value fields
    • Add and delete files in attachment fields
    • DAO code to support the Access 2007 Database Engine (ACE)
    • Copy data from one table or record to another including the new complex field types
  • Code for Outlook including coverage to retrieve, edit, add and delete
    • Address Book and Distribution Lists
    • Calendars to manage Appointments and Meeting Requests
    • Contacts
    • Folders to manage items in your Inbox, Deleted Items, etc.
    • Sending Email
    • Notes and Categories
    • Tasks and Task Requests
  • Enhanced support for Access Data Projects with lots of new ADODB code
    • Retrieve ADP objects and owners
    • Manage Access forms in ADPs (different from standard MDB/ACCDB forms)
    • Common control support for ListView and Treeview using ADP/ADO data
    • ADO code to link to ACCDB databases
  • Access Application Enhancements
    • Startup routines to launch an Access application, hide the workspace, link to backend databases, relink to linked tables, disable the Access close button, set bypasskey, and other features we recommend to make your databases more professional and controlled
    • Form transparency code using Windows API calls
    • Managing the Ribbon display
    • Launching the spell checker to spell check data on the form and its subforms
    • Code to retrieve and modify module code
    • Management of Jet database security and encryption
  • General VBA/VB6 Enhancements
    • Separate global error handler code for VBA vs. VB6
    • Business day calculations including supporting holiday dates in an array or table
    • Date calculations including week numbers that are ISO 8601 compliant
    • File management including listing, creating, copying, and moving files between folders including subfolders
    • Help file support for *.CHM in addition to *.HLP help files
    • Zip code lookup routines for City and State fill-in from a zip code table (not included)
    • More printer and mouse management
  • Web code
    • Sending and retrieving Twitter messages
    • Launching Google maps
  • Multimedia code to manage Windows Media Player and modem/telephone dialing (TAPI)
  • Working with SharePoint databases
  • Working with Visual SourceSafe
  • Windows API calls with support for Vista and Windows 7

In total, there are 194 modules and classes (up from 160) and 100,000+ lines of code (up from 85,000), with almost 20,000 lines of example code plus extensive notes so you can maximize your understanding of the content.

Code Browser Enhancements

Every procedure in Total Visual SourceBook includes error handling. The custom error handler feature is enhanced so you can apply your own error handling structure to the procedures so they integrate with your application's error handler. Easily adjust the code in Total Visual SourceBook so it invokes your global error handler and other error routines.

The Code Browser also supports Vista and Windows 7, with the help file updated to CHM format.

Backwards Compatibility

If you've added your own code to Total Visual SourceBook 2003, Total Visual SourceBook 2007/2010 automatically shares the same database so you can use both versions simultaneously.

Pricing and Versions

Total Visual SourceBook is available in different versions depending on your version of Microsoft Access/Office. The latest version is 2007/2010 which runs in Office/Access 2000 through 2007, and the 32 bit version of 2010. However, some of the source code only works in 2007 or later. If you are using Access/Office 2003 or earlier and do not intend to migrate to 2007/2010, you may prefer to use the 2003 version.

Total Visual SourceBook Products
for Microsoft Access/Office/VBA and Visual Basic 6

License Price 2013, 2010 (32-bit)
2003, 2002,
2000, & VB6
97 & 95

Single $399 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
5 Seat $1299 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now


Single $299 Buy Now Buy Now N/A
5 Seat $899 Buy Now Buy Now N/A

Premium Support Subscription

Single $299 More Information
5 Seat $999

Also Available as part of:

Total Access Ultimate Suite
Total Access Developer Suite
Total Visual Developer Suite
Total VB Enterprise Suite

Runtime/Redistributable Version

Source code library material is freely redistributable as long as it is contained in an application that is compiled and the Total Visual SourceBook library code is not redistributed in a readable form.

Licensing Information

Total Visual SourceBook is licensed on a per developer basis. Each developer who runs the program and uses the code must have a license. Read the License Agreement for details.


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