Updates for Total Access Analyzer for Access 2000, Version 9.0

This is no longer the latest version of Total Access Analyzer 2000.
Existing 9.X customers can upgrade to Total Access Analyzer 2000, Version 9.8 for a nominal fee.
For more information on the new features, visit Total Access Analyzer 2000, Version 9.8.

The latest update for Total Access Analyzer 2000, version 9.0 is:

9.01.0005 (Posted July 19, 2001)

This update is available free of charge to registered owners of Total Access Analyzer 2000, version 9.0. The existing version must already be installed.

Note that this update only applies to users with Total Access Analyzer version 9.0. If you are using Total Access Analyzer version 9.5, click here. If you are using Total Access Analyzer version 9.7, click here.


If you are using version 2.5 of MDAC and have version 2.5x.xxxx.x of the file msadox.dll, you may encounter an error that is caused by a memory leak in this version of msadox.dll. We recommend updating to ADOX version 2.8 to resolve this issue. The way to obtain this version of ADOX is to download and install the latest version of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.8. The MDAC Download can be found here:

Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8

Also, Microsoft has released additional Service Packs for previous versions of MDAC 2.5 that may resolve this issue in the event you cannot update to MDAC 2.8. Please try the latest Service pack for the version of msadox.dll you are using (I.E. msadox.dll=2.51.5303.0 tells you that you are using MDAC 2.5 SP1 - as noted in the release manifest). Downloading and installing the latest SP to MDAC version 2.5 may also resolve the issue.

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