Microsoft Access Database Summary Report

The Summary Report provides a wonderful overview of your entire Microsoft Access database. It should be the first report you review when you are trying to understand a new database.

Easily see:

  • The number and types of objects you have, and where there are errors, suggestions, and performance tips
  • The complexity of your modules
  • Linked table information
  • Summary of table fields by data type
  • Types of queries
  • Number of forms and reports with and without code
  • Types of table relationships
  • Macro summary
  • Library references
  • ActiveX controls (not shown in this example)
  • Import/Export specifications

With this information you can understand the complexity of the database, and the external objects it uses. It's a great guide for determining the other reports you should use for more details.

Microsoft Access Database Documentation Summary with Total Access Analyzer from FMS

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