Microsoft Access 2007New Features in Total Access Startup 2007

Total Access Startup 2007 is not the latest version.
Total Access Startup 2016 is available which also supports Access 2007.
Existing customers can upgrade for a nominal fee.
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Total Access Startup 2007 (Version 12.0) lets you centrally manage and guarantee that all your users always launch the right version of Microsoft Access with the right version of your Access database (MDB, ACCDB, or ADP).

Total Access Startup originally shipped in 2003 for Microsoft Access 2003. Total Access Startup 2007 includes many new features and enhancements:

Support for Microsoft Office Access 2007

Total Access Startup 2007 adds support for launching your Access 2007 databases including support for the new ACCDB database format.

Support for Access Data Projects (ADPs)

Total Access Startup 2007 supports ADPs, so you can simply set a custom property to keep all of your ADP users up-to-date with the latest version of your project. The previous version only supported MDB databases.

Support Multiple Access Versions

Total Access Startup 2007 lets you specify a preferred Access version AND older versions. For instance, you can specify Microsoft Access 2007 down to Access 2000. If the user has Access 2007 installed, it is launched. If not, it tries to find Access 2003, then Access 2002, then Access 2000. If it can't find that, your message for a missing Access version is displayed. This lets you support those with the latest version of Access immediately and those who haven't migrated. Of course, your database must support all the versions you specify.

Conversely, you can specify an Access version and any later versions.

User-Specific Path Variables

Refer to any user path variables to write the local database to a user’s folder (e.g. “My Documents”, “Desktop”, or “Profile”). The previous version used explicit paths which did not support a different directory for each user on that machine.

Option to Show a Message on Update

Optionally display a message when an updated version of the application is copied to a user’s computer.

Customizable Error Messages

Customize the text that is displayed to users for various errors.

New User Interface for the Total Access Startup Administrator

The Total Access Startup Administrator includes a more modern and usable User Interface, with support for Windows themes.

Additional Documentation

A new help file and 60-page professionally printed user manual are included.

Total Access Startup Manual and CD

Microsoft Access 2016 Version is shipping!

New Features

Supports Microsoft Access 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 97, and 95

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"Total Access Startup is an amazing product and an incredible value. It's not only made my job as a developer easier but it provides a great service to our users"

M. Killough, a happy customer

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