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Thank you! Thank you! I just finished reading this document, which was part of a link in the recent Buzz newsletter. I have printed it for others to read, especially those skeptical on the powers of Access and its capabilities.

Darren D.


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Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions BookMicrosoft Access Small Business Solutions

by Teresa Hennig, Truitt Bradly, Larry Linson, Leigh Purvis, and Brent Spaulding
Foreword by Luke Chung, FMS President


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Thanks to a special arrangement with Teresa Hennig and the publisher, Wiley, we are pleased to offer a limited quantity of this book for FREE to purchasers of any of our Access product suites.

Simply purchase one of these suites:

Terms and Conditions

  • Not available for past orders or reseller sales.
  • Limited to one book per customer.
  • Customer are responsible for shipping:
    • For US customers, this can be included in your shipment for no additional cost
    • Cost for international customers based on actual shipping cost.
  • Offer available while supplies last.

Book Description

Database models developed by a team of leading Microsoft Access MVPs that provide ready-to-use solutions for sales, marketing, customer management and other key business activities for most small businesses.

As the most popular relational database in the world, Microsoft Access is widely used by small business owners. This book responds to the growing need for resources that help business managers and end users design and build effective Access database solutions for specific business functions.

Coverage includes:

  • Elements of a Microsoft Access Database
  • Relational Data Model
  • Dealing with Customers and Customer Data
  • Customer Relationship Management Database Solutions
  • Marketing Database Solutions
  • Sales Database Solutions
  • Producing and Tracking the Goods & Services
  • Production and Manufacturing Database Solutions
  • Inventory Management Database Solutions
  • Services Database Solutions
  • Tracking and Analyzing Financial Data
  • Accounting Systems: Requirements and Design Database Solutions
  • Accounting: Budgeting, Analysis, and Reporting Database Solutions
  • Managing Memberships
  • Implementing the Models
  • SQL Server and Other External Data Sources
  • With this valuable guide and CD-ROM, you'll be on your way to implementing database solutions in no time

CD-ROM contains

  • 31 database models, covering each business area discussed
  • A printable, detailed file guide to help you locate files and tools
  • A Bonus Resource database, with reference tables and valuable tools for creating and managing databases
  • All files work with Access 2000 through 2013. See the CD Appendix for complete system requirements.