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Thank you! Thank you! I just finished reading this document, which was part of a link in the recent Buzz newsletter. I have printed it for others to read, especially those skeptical on the powers of Access and its capabilities.

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Microsoft Access Database Monitoring in Real-TimeTotal Access Admin

Discover how Total Access Admin lets you monitor your databases in real-time to see who's connected and departing them. Log the user activity and perform tasks when everyone exits like compacting the database. Total Access Admin improves your Microsoft Access/Jet database maintenance control issues. Simply start the program, point to your databases to prevent new connections to the database, automatically disconnect idle users, identify dropped or suspect connections, and send messages to application users.

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Microsoft Access Scheduler of Compact and Database ChoresTotal Visual Agent

Discover the ease and simplicity of automated Microsoft Access database maintenance! Total Visual Agent lets you schedule unattended database maintenance chores such as repairs, compacts, data-only backups, rolling backups, and zip archives. You can also track records, and run macros and command lines on a schedule. Manage multiple databases and set schedules hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. A complete audit trail is maintained and you can even generate e-mail notification of a system administrator if errors are encountered.

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Microsoft Access Database DocumentationTotal Access Analyzer

Discover why Total Access Analyzer is the winner of every Best Access Add-in Award year after year! Total Access Analyzer documents and analyzes your Microsoft Access database to reveal detailed information on each object, extensive cross-reference on where and how each object is used, and 300 types of errors and suggestions to fix and improve your database.

Quickly see why serious Access users and developers rely on Total Access Analyzer to simplify their development efforts and make sure they deliver systems with fewer problems.

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Microsoft Access ActiveX ControlsTotal Access Components

See how you can enhance the appearance of your Access forms and reports with the only collection of ActiveX controls designed specifically for Microsoft Access! Download the demo version of Total Access Components and see the 30 controls that you can place on your forms and reports. Simplify programming and enhance your application's ease of use, appearance, and operation. Many controls allow you to provide new and enhanced display effects, while others allow you to use properties and methods to perform complex operations.

This trial version show examples of every property, method, and event for each control, but it does not allow you to insert Total Access Components into your own forms or reports. Click to get Started!

Module Coding Tools for VB6 and VBA Microsoft AccessTotal Visual CodeTools

Integrated directly into the VB6/VBA IDE, Total Visual CodeTools increases your productivity and lets your entire development team share and enforce a consistent set of coding standards. Great for getting new team members to adopt your styles, cleaning up inherited code, and finding unused variables. Total Visual CodeTools also simplifies adding error handling and lets you pinpoint the exact line where a crash occurs, saving you time and headaches when trying to reproduce errors or understand users.

Total Visual CodeTools supports Visual Basic 6.0, as well as Access, Excel and all Office VBA hosts. Click to get started today!

Microsoft Access Comparison of Databases, Tables, Data, Modules, Forms, ReportsTotal Access Detective

Total Access Detective is available when you need to know what changed between two Access databases or two objects in one database. Avoid the guesswork and pinpoint exactly what fields, properties, controls, and lines of code was added, deleted, or modified. Even detect changes in data.

Easily compare your development version vs. the deployed version, or your desktop version vs. your laptop version. You can even merge data between two tables to create a new table with the records you want to keep. Please note that this is only a tour.

While there is not a trial version of Total Access Detective, there is an online tutorial.

Microsoft Access Email SenderTotal Access Emailer

Total Access Emailer taps the power of Microsoft Access and email so you can generate personalized messages for everyone in your Access table, query, or view. Send messages in text and/or HTML format, attach files, and use field values to create customized emails for each recipient. You can even embed Access reports, tables, and queries/views as your message or as PDF attachments. Access reports can even be used to create your personalized HTML messages. Attachments can be compressed into zip files and password protected for greater security. Total Access Emailer lets you use the power of Access to create custom, richly formatted emails for each recipient!

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Microsoft Access Rich Text Format ControlTotal Access Memo

Add rich text format (RTF) memo fields to your Access forms and reports with Total Access Memo. Total Access Memo includes a powerful editor to let you apply formatting and styles to your text. The contents are stored in standard rich text format in your table's memo field.

This fully functional demo version lets you view, edit, and print rich text format memo fields in Access. It does not allow you to insert Total Access Memo into your own forms or reports.

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Microsoft Access VBA VB6 Royalty Free Source Code LibraryTotal Visual SourceBook

Consistently written and documented, this new version contains 227 modules. With 125,000+ lines of code in 55 categories, Total Visual SourceBook is the most extensive professional code library for Microsoft Access/Office and Visual Basic 6. You have full control: use our code, learn from it, modify, and enhance it. Written by our staff of Microsoft MVPs, much of this code isn't find anywhere else.

Leverage your existing work by having your experienced developers store their custom code into the code repository for everyone to share. Developers can even "lock" their code so others can't modify them. Eliminate repeated work, and get your junior developers up-to-speed faster without always bothering the senior developers.

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Microsoft Access Spell CheckerTotal Access Speller

Total Access Speller is an add-in for Microsoft Access that makes it easy to spell check your object properties and designs. Although Microsoft Access includes a spell checker, it only handles data in tables. What about typos in your forms and reports? No matter how much work you do to make your Access applications fast and reliable, if there are typos in your user interface or on your reports that is what your users (and your boss) will remember.

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Total Access Startup

Microsoft Access Database Launcher and DistributionDownload the trial of Total Access Startup, ease your deployment and management of Access databases. With Total Access Startup, you can:

  • Launch your database with the right version or versions of Microsoft Access, including bitness
  • Easily deploy copies of your database to each user's PC and ensure it's updated
  • Centrally manage and control the deployment of all your Access database applications
  • Run startup programs or batch file when the local copy is created or updated
  • Specify the macro to run when the database starts
  • Display a professional splash screen graphic while loading
  • Display a customized error message when a problem is encountered

Download the Trial today!

Microsoft Access Statistical Data AnalysisTotal Access Statistics

Download a trial of Total Access Statistics, the most powerful data analysis program for Microsoft Access. Total Access Statistics offers a wide range of statistical functions to extend the capability of Access to analyze your data. Features including weighted averages, percentiles, t-tests, frequency distributions, confidence intervals, correlations, regressions, crosstabs, ANOVA, Chi-Square, non-parametrics, test value probability calculator, data normalization, ranking, random record selection, cash flow analysis, and much more.

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Total ZipCode Database

Microsoft Access Zip Code DatabaseFMS in conjunction with the US Postal Service (USPS) is pleased to offer a monthly subscription to the official USPS zip code database, Total ZipCode Database.

We’ll provide you with the official USPS zip code database with the list of every valid zip code and their acceptable city and state names across the entire USA. That’s over 50,000 records!

With this data you can simplify data entry by automatically filling city and state fields when a zip code is entered. Improve data entry speed and accuracy!

There are over 42,000 unique zip codes each with a “primary” city and state name. But did you know some zip codes have more than one acceptable city? Our database gives you all the acceptable names. Easily let your users choose the one they need without spelling a city name or state abbreviation EVER again!

Download the sample databases today!

Total VB Statistics

Add advanced data analysis to your Visual Basic projects. Total VB Statistics offers a wide range of statistical functions you can easily add to your Visual Basic 6 projects. Analyze any Jet/Access table, linked table (including SQL Server, dBase, Paradox, FoxPro, etc.), or query. Multiple fields and an unlimited number of records can be analyzed at one time. Statistical features include weighted averages, percentiles, t-tests, frequency distributions, confidence intervals, correlations, regressions, crosstabs, ANOVA, Chi-Square, non-parametrics, probability, and much more. Analyses are setup interactively without programming, and it generates the code you need to add it to your projects. Simply copy and paste! Best of all, the results are provided in Access tables that you can further analyze or include in your forms and reports.

The trial version includes every statistical function in the full version. Analyze any Jet/Access table or linked table, select the fields to analyze, pick the statistical functions to calculate, and generate the results. Only tables with 100 or fewer records can be analyzed in the trial version.

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Total SQL Analyzer PRO

Total SQL Analyzer PRO is the world's first professional documentation and analysis program for Microsoft SQL Server.

Are you a developer writing applications for SQL Server? Or perhaps a database administrator responsible for maintaining one or more server installations? How do you manage hundreds of objects, thousands of properties and settings, and thousands of lines of SQL and TSQL code? Before now, your choices have been limited to digging through Enterprise Manager dialogs, or writing your own custom queries to get server documentation. But now you can take full control with Total SQL Analyzer PRO. Trial versions are available for the PRO version and the Standard versions:

  • Total SQL Analyzer PRO Trial
    Try out Total SQL Analyzer PRO for 30 days! Documentation is limited to one database, and 10 of each object type (table, view, stored procedure, user defined function) at a time. The full version allows you to document an unlimited number of databases and objects at once.
  • Total SQL Analyzer Standard Trial
    Lets you explore how Total SQL Analyzer works and the output it generates. It includes documentation of a sample database, and allows you to see the large variety of results generated by Total SQL Analyzer.

View the Comparison Chart to determine which version you need.

Total SQL Statistics

Relax with Total SQL Statistics. Total SQL Statistics is our latest developer solution generating statistical data analysis for SQL Server-based applications. Total SQL Statistics provides a rich array of statistical functions that work directly against SQL Server data sources. Use our Scenario Designer to define the analyses you want to perform and run them at any time. You can even include our statistics engine with your applications on a royalty-free basis. Best of all Total SQL Statistics supports applications created in both Visual Basic 6 and Visual Studio .Net. The program will even generate the Visual Basic or .Net code to get you up and running.

Click to get started today!

Total .NET Analyzer

Analysis is an essential part of application development and maintenance. As your applications grow, objects, properties, and code become increasingly complex and difficult to understand. How many bugs, performance problems, or standards violations are hidden in your .NET application? Without a consistent, automated analysis tool, developing and maintaining programs becomes a major chore. Total .NET Analyzer is designed to reduce and eliminate many of the tedious and difficult parts of development. Use Total .NET Analyzer during every step of the way.

The Trial version of Total .NET Analyzer is designed to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the product, and is for evaluation purposes only. Please be aware of the following before you install or use the Trial version of Total .NET Analyzer:

  • The Trial results only show the first result item for each rule. The full version shows all results.
  • The trial version expires after 30 days.

Trial versions are now available for Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003.
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Total .NET SourceBook

Total .NET SourceBook is the Ultimate Code Library for .NET. Get a jumpstart into .NET with thousands of lines of C# and Visual Basic .NET code. Hundreds of categories, samples, tips, and how-to's make .NET coding a snap.

The trial version of Total .NET SourceBook is designed to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the product, and is for evaluation purposes only. The Trial version includes a subset of the code that's included in the full version, and it will expire 60 days after installation.

Trial versions are now available for Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003. Click to get started today!