Updates for Total Visual CodeTools 2010, Version 14.0

The latest update for Total Visual CodeTools 2010, version 14.0 is:

14.00.0040 (released December 3, 2012)
If you use the About box from the Total Visual CodeTools product, it will show 14.00.0037.

This update is available free of charge to registered owners of Total Visual CodeTools 2010, version 14.0.

Notification and download instructions for receiving the patch were emailed to registered owners. If you did not receive instructions, please contact us so we can update your information.

Update History

This update includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • New Procedure Builder: when the Use Current Procedure option is selected, it sets the options to match the current module and procedure type, in addition to the procedure name.
  • VBE Color Schemes: Names can include extended characters
  • Icons on the small and large toolbars are updated to a more modern look
  • Total Visual CodeTools was previously encountering problems loading as an add-in or the IDE menu in certain environments; this is resolved.
  • Block comment builder initializes properly
  • Standards:
    • Save block commenter's comment line properly
    • If error handling is not enabled, error handler text is not validated before saving
  • Setup program handles user vs. machine installation
  • User manual updated

This update includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • The icons on the main menu and small toolbar are updated to address graphics issues on some Windows installations where the icons were blank.
  • Message Box Builder returns an integer value rather than long integer, and no values is returned if only the OK button is selected.
  • Adjustment to the Recordset Builder when dealing with tables in secure databases.

The original shipping version was 14.00.00021.

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Updates are for registered users only and subject to the product licensing terms.
You may not re-distribute them without express written permission from FMS, Inc.

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