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Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Total Access Speller! We hope that you use this Trial Version to discover how Total Access Speller can help you eliminate embarrassing typos in your Microsoft Access solutions.


Introducing Total Access Speller

Total Access Speller is an add-in for Microsoft Access that makes it easy to spell check your object properties and designs. Microsoft Access includes a spell checker, but it only checks the data in your tables.

What about typos in your forms and reports? No matter how much work you do to make your Access applications fast and reliable, if there are typos in your user interface or on your reports, that is what your users (and boss) remember.

Delivering professional solutions is a combination of good skills and processes. Manually spell checking all your objects' user interface properties is nearly impossible to perform accurately.

Add Total Access Speller to your quality assurance process. Run it before you deliver any your solution to others and be confident that typographical errors are eliminated from your user interface.

Learning About the Product

The Trial Version is extremely easy to use. Launch the product tour for a quick overview of what to expect.

The complete context sensitive online help system is included with the Trial Version so you can review that by pressing [F1] at any point.

Trial Version Limitations

This trial version is similar to the full version and lets you experience how the Spell Checking Wizard guides you through the process of:

  • Selecting objects for spell checking
  • Displaying the property values to spell check
  • Spell checking the individual values
  • Applying the changes
  • Viewing the results and reports

The Trial Version has these limitations:

  • Only a subset of your properties are displayed for spell checking
  • Spell check changes are not applied to your objects
  • The help file is included but not the printed manual or technical support
  • Expires after 15 days

Install the Trial Version Now

Because each Access version handles objects, properties and macros differently, the shipping and trial versions of Total Access Speller are Access version specific.

Choose the Access version you are using to download the setup file:

Microsoft Access Version


Access 2016 (Version 16) Download
Access 2013 (Version 15) Download
Access 2010 (Version 14) Download
Access 2007 (Version 12) Download
Access 2003 (Version 11) Download
Access 2002 (Version 10) Download
Access 2000 (Version 9) Download
Access 97 (Version 9) Download
  1. Run the setup program from your computer.
  2. Open your database from Microsoft Access and launch the Total Access Speller add-in from your Access menu.

Contact Us

We are very interested in receiving feedback about Total Access Speller. Please submit any questions or comments to our Support Team.

Total Access Speller Manual and CD

Microsoft Access 2016 and 2013 Versions are shipping!

New Features

Also Available for
Microsoft Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97

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"Total Access Speller is a solid product. If you need spell checking in your applications, you should get Total Access Speller."

Paul Litwin, Editor, Smart Access Product Review

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