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New Version 14.5 for
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Versions 10.7 and 9.7 for
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"Total Access Detective is well worth every penny, it will quickly pay for itself through savings in time and effort."

Tom Cryan, Denver Access User Group product review

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Find differences between Microsoft Access databases and objects with Total Access DetectiveMicrosoft Access Object and Database ComparisonsDetect differences between Microsoft Access databases, object designs and data with Total Access Detective

Microsoft Access 2013 and 2016New Features of Total Access Detective for Microsoft Access 2016 and 2013

The most powerful database, object, module, and text comparison product for Access is now available for Microsoft Access 2016 and 2013:

  • Version 16.0 for Microsoft Access 2016
  • Version 15.0 for Microsoft Access 2013

If you need to know exactly what changed between any two MS Access objects or databases, Total Access Detective is for you.


We've made many enhancements compared to the Microsoft Access 2007 version:

Microsoft Access 2016 and 2013 (32 and 64 bit Versions)

Supports Both 32 and 64 bit Versions of Microsoft Access 2016 and 2013

Total Access Detective includes add-ins for the 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Access 2016 And 2013. It supports any operating system those versions support including Windows 10 and 8. The setup program automatically detects which version of Access is installed and installs the appropriate version.

Microsoft Access Database Comparison for What Changed

Compares All Database Types Supported by Microsoft Access

It supports all the database types used by Microsoft Access 2016 and 2013 including:

  • ACCDB database formats (Access 2007-2016)
  • Jet Engine/MDB formats (Access 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007)

This means you can use Total Access Detective 2010 with Microsoft Access 2010 to compare databases created by older versions of MS Access.

MS Access Enhancements with

  • New object properties
  • New macro syntax and embedded macros on forms and reports
  • New VBA module commands

Note that support for Access Data Projects (ADP) ended with Access 2013, so that's no longer supported. Use Total Access Detective 2010 with Access 2010 if you need to compare ADPs.

Module and Text Comparison Option to Ignore Line Numbers

Total Access Detective compares module code for differences. Module code may include line numbers to help with error handling to pinpoint exactly which line of code is crashing.

When comparing VBA code, you may have code thatís numbered and not numbered or two modules numbered differently. If you are only interested in the VBA that changed and not the line numbers, Total Access Detective offers a new option to compare your code and ignore any differences with line numbers:

Ignore Line Numbers when Comparing Modules for Differences
New Option to Exclude Line Numbers

Search Bar to Filter Objects and Properties by Name

Similar to the search bar on the Microsoft Access navigation pane, Total Access Detective includes a Name Filter to simplify selecting objects when comparing databases:

Name Filter for Selecting Objects
Name Filter for Selecting Objects

The [Select All] and [Cancel All] buttons work on the filtered list.

Similarly, the Name Filter is also available for Property names in the Property Selection feature:

Name Filter on Property List
Name Filter on Property List

After comparing two databases, when viewing the Object Differences, the filter for the object names and properties also has the Name filter.

See and Filter Tables based on Whether itís Linked

When comparing two databases, a list of identically named objects is displayed to select them for detailed comparison. Tables are now displayed with information on whether they are linked or not, and a filter is available to easily see the differences:

Filter Tables based on Whether it's Linked
Select the Tables to Compare

The filter options are:

Table filter Options

  • All: No Filter
  • Local: Both tables are local (exist in their respective database)
  • Linked: Both tables are linked to other databases
  • Mixed: One is local and the other is linked

Procedures with Differences List

When comparing two modules, a new tab shows the procedures with differences. The detail of the differences remains in the main tab, but now thereís a summary list of procedures that are different:

New Procedures with Differences Tab when Comparing Text
New Procedures with Differences Tab when Comparing Text

New Procedures with Differences Tab when Comparing Two Modules
New Procedures with Differences Tab when Comparing Two Modules

New Procedures with Differences Tab when Comparing Modules in Two Databases
New Procedures with Differences Tab when Comparing Modules in Two Databases

In addition to viewing the data in the tab, corresponding export and reports are available.

New Manual and Context Sensitive Help

A new user manual and help file are provided.

Pricing and Microsoft Access Versions

Due to the differences within each version of Microsoft Access, Total Access Detective is specific to each version of Access.

Total Access Detective Products
by Microsoft Access Version

Licenses Price 2016 2013 2010 2007 2003 2002 2000 97

Single $199
5 Seat $599

Upgrade Between Access Versions

Single $119
5 Seat $349

Upgrade to Latest within the Same Version (14.5 for 2010, 12.9 for 2007, 11.8 for 2003; X.7 prior)

Single $69  
5 Seat $199  

Premium Support Subscription

Single $299

More Information

5 Seat $999

Also Available as part of:

Total Access Ultimate Suite
Total Access Developer Suite

Runtime/Redistributable Version

Not Applicable

Licensing Information

Total Access Detective is licensed on a per developer basis. Each developer who runs the program must have a license. Read the License Agreement for details.

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