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Class: ZipCode_DAO in Category Geospatial Mapping : Zip Codes from Total Visual SourceBook

Use DAO to lookup a zip code's corresponding city and state from a zip code table in VB6 or VBA.

FMS, in conjunction with the USPS, offers a monthly subscription to current US zip codes. See for details.

Procedure List

Procedure Name



(Declarations) Declarations Declarations and private variables for the CZipCode_DAO class
Class_Initialize Initialize Initialize files for zip code lookup by opening database directly to enable SEEK command
GetLinkedPath Private Retrieve the linked path of a table in the current database
Class_Terminate Terminate Close variables
GetCityState Method Lookup city and state based on zip code
VerifyCityZip Method Verify that the zip code, city, and state match

Example Code for Using Class: ZipCode_DAO

' Example of CZipCode_DAO

' NOTE: The sample table for this form, tblZipCodes, comes the database named Sample.mdb in the directory where you installed sample files.
'       This sample includes a subset of Zip Codes from MD, VA, and DC.
'       FMS, in conjunction with the USPS, offers a monthly subscription to current US zip codes.
'       See for details.

' To try this example, do the following:
' 1. Import or link to the table named tblZipCodes, from C:\Total Visual SourceBook 2013\Samples\Sample.mdb
' 2. Create a new form
' 3. Add the following controls to the form:
'       Text box named txtCity
'       Text box named txtState
'       Text box named txtZip
'       Command button named cmdGetCityState
'       Command button named cmdValidate
' 4. Paste all the code from this example to the new form's module.
' 5. Run the form

Private mclsZipCodeDAO As CZipCode_DAO

Private Sub cmdGetCityState_Click()
  Dim strCity As String
  Dim strState As String

  If Nz(Me.txtZip, "") = "" Then
    Me.txtZip = "22182"
  End If

  If Not mclsZipCodeDAO.GetCityState(Me.txtZip, strCity, strState) Then
    MsgBox "City/State combo not found, or zip code not in the sample table." & vbCrLf & "Sample table includes zip codes from MD, VA, and DC." & vbCrLf & "Try zip code 22182."
  End If

  Me.txtCity = strCity
  Me.txtState = strState

End Sub

Private Sub cmdValidate_Click()

  If (Nz(Me.txtCity, "") = "") Or (Nz(Me.txtState, "") = "") Or (Nz(Me.txtZip, "") = "") Then
    MsgBox "Enter City/State/Zip combination to validate. Must be in VA, MD, or DC."
    Select Case Nz(Me.txtState)
      Case "DC", "MD", "VA"
        If mclsZipCodeDAO.VerifyCityZip(Me.txtZip, Me.txtCity, Me.txtState) Then
          MsgBox "This is a valid City/State/Zip combination."
          MsgBox "This is NOT a valid City/State/Zip combination, or the data does not exist in our sample table."
        End If

      Case Else
        MsgBox "Please use a City/State/Zip combination in MD, VA, or DC" & vbCrLf & "(e.g. Vienna, VA 22182)"
    End Select
  End If

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
  ' Initialize the class
  Set mclsZipCodeDAO = New CZipCode_DAO

  ' Setup controls
  With Me.txtZip
    .Value = "22182"
    .Top = 200
    .Left = 1000
    .Width = 2000
  End With

  With Me.txtCity
    .Value = ""
    .Top = 800
    .Left = 1000
    .Width = 2000
  End With

  With Me.txtState
    .Value = ""
    .Top = 1200
    .Left = 1000
    .Width = 2000
  End With

  With Me.cmdGetCityState
    .Caption = "Get City/State"
    .Top = 200
    .Left = 3200
    .Width = 1500
  End With

  With Me.cmdValidate
    .Caption = "Validate City/State/Zip combo"
    .Top = 2000
    .Left = 500
    .Width = 3500
  End With

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
  Set mclsZipCodeDAO = Nothing
End Sub

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