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Class: APIPrinter in Category Microsoft Visual Basic 6 : Printing from Total Visual SourceBook

Working with the printer using the Windows API in VB6.

Procedure List

Procedure Name



(Declarations) Declarations Declarations and private variables for the CAPIPrinter class
CurrentX Property Get the current x position of printer drawing.
CurrentY Property Get the current y position of printer drawing.
Font Property Get the font used for printing text
hDC Property Get the device context of the printer.
Height Property Get the height of the printer drawing surface.
PrintJobID Property Get the ID of the current print job. This property is only valid after the StartDoc method has been called.
Width Property Get the width of the printer drawing surface.
Class_Initialize Initialize Set initial values to defaults which may be overridden with property settings
Class_Terminate Terminate Make sure the print job is finished
DrawLine Method Draws a line
DrawPicture Method Draws a picture. If the optional parameters lngWidth and lngHeight are not specified, this procedure scales the bitmap to the printer.
DrawText Method Draws text
EndDoc Method Ends a print job
EndPage Method Finish printing a page
ScaleX Method Converts x units between the screen and printer
ScaleY Method Converts y units between the screen and printer
StartDoc Method Begins a print job
StartPage Method Prepares the printer for a new page
GetTextHeight Method Get the height of the text
GetTextWidth Method Get the width of the text. The font height is measured in logical device units. Most windows API functions for dealing with fonts require the font height in logical units. This function only works correctly in the MM_TEXT mapping mode.
PointsToHeight Private Converts a font point SIZEAPI to a font height. The font height is measured in logical device units. Most windows API functions for dealing with fonts require the font height in logical units. This function only works correctly in the MM_TEXT mapping mode.

Example Code for Using Class: APIPrinter

' Example of CAPIPrinter
' To try this example, do the following:
'  1. Create a new form
'  2. Add a command button named 'cmdPrint'
'  3. Add a command button named 'cmdFont'
'  4. Add a text box named 'txtTest'
'  5. Add a Picture box named 'picTest' and set the Picture property to a picture of your choosing
'  6. In VB6, make sure the Common Dialog Control is on your toolbox.
'     If it's not already there, go under Project, Components, Controls tab, and check Microsoft Common Dialog Control (6.0)
'  7. Add a common dialog control named 'cdlFont'
'  8. Add a common dialog control named 'cdlPrint'
'  9. Paste all the code from this example to the new form's module
' 10. Run the form

Private mclsAPIPrinter As CAPIPrinter

Private Sub cmdFont_Click()
  ' Comments: Set the font to the current printer font and display the font dialog

  cdlFont.FontBold = mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Bold
  cdlFont.FontItalic = mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Italic
  cdlFont.FontName =
  cdlFont.FontSize = mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Size
  cdlFont.FontStrikethru = mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Strikethrough
  cdlFont.FontUnderline = mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Underline

  cdlFont.Flags = cdlCFScreenFonts

  ' Show the font dialog

End Sub

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()

  cdlPrint.Flags = cdlPDReturnDC

  ' if user presses the cancel button, just exit the procedure
  On Error GoTo Cancel_Print

  cdlPrint.CancelError = True

  ' Set the hdc
  mclsAPIPrinter.hDC = cdlPrint.hDC

  ' setup font
  mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Bold = cdlFont.FontBold
  mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Italic = cdlFont.FontItalic = cdlFont.FontName
  mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Size = cdlFont.FontSize
  mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Strikethrough = cdlFont.FontStrikethru
  mclsAPIPrinter.Font.Underline = cdlFont.FontUnderline

  ' Begin printing
  mclsAPIPrinter.StartDoc "Test Document"
  ' Start the page

  ' Center at top of form
   mclsAPIPrinter.CurrentX = (mclsAPIPrinter.Width - mclsAPIPrinter.TextWidth(txtTest)) / 2
  mclsAPIPrinter.CurrentY = 0
  mclsAPIPrinter.DrawText txtTest

  ' Draw a line underneath the text
  mclsAPIPrinter.DrawLine 0, mclsAPIPrinter.TextHeight(txtTest), mclsAPIPrinter.Width, mclsAPIPrinter.TextHeight(txtTest)

  ' Center picture in form
  mclsAPIPrinter.CurrentX = (mclsAPIPrinter.Width - mclsAPIPrinter.ScaleX(ScaleX(picTest.Width, Me.ScaleMode, vbPixels))) / 2
  mclsAPIPrinter.CurrentY = (mclsAPIPrinter.Height - mclsAPIPrinter.ScaleY(ScaleX(picTest.Height, Me.ScaleMode, vbPixels))) / 2
  mmAPIPrinter.DrawPicture picTest.Picture

  ' End the page

  ' Finish printing the document


End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

  Set mclsAPIPrinter = New CAPIPrinter

  cmdPrint.Caption = "Print"
  cmdFont.Caption = "Font"
  txtTest = "Example Text"

End Sub

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