New Features Added to Total Visual Agent 2013

This page is a reference for a legacy version of Total Visual Agent and is no longer the latest version.
Existing Total Visual Agent customers can upgrade to the latest version for a nominal fee.
For more information on the new features, visit Total Visual Agent 2021.

Microsoft Access 2013The world's most popular maintenance scheduling tool for Microsoft Access/Office VBA and Visual Basic 6 (VB6) is now available for Microsoft Access 2010 and 2013. This is the eighth major release of Total Visual Agent and introduces many enhancements to automate maintenance chores easier than ever.

This latest version of Total Visual Agent builds on our vast expertise, and offers the best database management solution to date. If you have a version before Total Visual Agent 2007, see the new features added to Total Visual Agent 2007.


Total Visual Agent 2013 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Total Visual Agent supports databases created in Microsoft Access 2013, 2010 and earlier versions of Access. This includes ACCDB and MDB Jet database formats, plus Access Data Projects (ADPs).

Your machine must have a copy of Microsoft Access 2007 or the 32-bit version of Access 2010 or 2013 installed. If itís managing databases across a network, other users of the databases could be using the 64-bit version of Access 2010 or 2013. For information on getting a free Microsoft Access Runtime version, visit the FAQ page.

Total Visual Agent can run on 32 and 64-bit operating systems. It supports Windows versions from NT through Windows 8.

When Total Visual Agent runs for the first time, you immediately enter the Options form to setup your environment. The form has been redesigned to simplify the entering of the installed Access versions, directory locations, and SMTP email settings.

Easily Manage Multiple Microsoft Access Versions

The new design makes it much easier to manage multiple versions of MS Access in a list. Total Visual Agent automatically loads the system with the location of the Access versions it detects on your machine. A check box lets you display just the installed versions of Access.

Microsoft Access Versions Set in Total Visual Agent Options

Import Manager Settings from Previous Versions of Total Visual AgentPreviously, it was all or none. You could import the schedules created in an older version of Total Visual Agent or another instance of it, but it would replace any existing settings. By definition, you could only do it once.

Under the File menu, Import Manager Settings lets you add specifications from multiple instances without eliminating your existing settings. It automatically uses the existing database specifications if the managed database is already defined.

Run Event Tasks Every Specified Number of MinutesIn addition to specifying the number of minutes an event can run within an hour, you can now specify events that run for any number of minutes.

This lets you specify periods that donít divide evenly within an hour or for more than an hour. For instance, an event repeating every 17 minutes, or 90 minutes, or 360 minutes (4 hours).

Previously, only individual actions could be tested. You can now test all the actions related to every level. This makes it easy to test multiple actions across multiple objects to see if they work as expected.

Test All Actions in an Event

Previously, you could only limit tasks that ran during the day (e.g. 2 AM to 6 AM, or 9 AM to 5 PM). Now you can specify a period that runs over midnight such as 10 PM to 2 AM:

Schedule Hourly Tasks Over Midnight

When you select a directory, all databases within it are processed with the same workgroup settings and password. If any databases in the folder are specifically defined in your list of databases, they are processed with those database settings. This allows you to manage databases with different security settings and passwords in a directory.

For the Data Extract feature, the tables created in the database now have indexes similar to your original tables. Other properties such as the database tabbed document display are also replicated in the new database. Certain properties such as a table or fields validation rule are not copied because that may prevent the ability to save your data since data in your table may violate your current validation rules.

A macro can now run on databases with a database password (different from a workgroup system file with user name and password).

Previously, these databases would require a user to enter the password, which prevented unattended automation.

Pause for Fractional MinutesFor running Command Lines and Macros, your event can wait for a certain number of minutes while your process completes.

Previously, only whole minutes could be specified. You can now enter fractional minutes so 0.1 is six seconds.

Compress Microsoft Access Database Backup ArchivesPreviously, when creating compressed files from Archives or Data Extract, the archive file was the name of the original file with a .ZIP extension. To support multiple databases with the same name (e.g. Sample.mdb, Sample.accdb, Sample.adp), the zip file now contains the extension and then .ZIP such as,, and

When managing a folder, a [View Matches] button lets you see the names and numbers of files currently matching your file specifications and exclusions in the specified directory and subdirectories.

The View, Activity History Log form show more information on the tasks that were performed and is displayed better.

Activity History Log

Enhanced Comments for Database Compact

The comments field now shows the original size, final size, difference and percent of space saved for each database thatís compacted.

Delete the Activity History Log

Previously, you had to go into the Total Visual Agent database to delete records from the Activity Log. Now you can do it from the form by filtering the list and press the [Delete] button.

The View, Database Statistics form shows the total number of records in the database and improves formatting to better see and compare the database contents over time. The table numbers now include separate Local, Linked, and System table counts.

Microsoft Access Database Statistics with Size and Counts of Objects and Records

Delete the Database Statistics Snapshots

You can now delete snapshot data from the form. Select one or more of the snapshots and press the [Delete] button.

Compact the Total Visual Agent Settings DatabaseEven the Total Visual Agent database needs to be compressed from time to time. This is now an option from the Tools menu: Compact Settings Database.

More modern fonts and graphics, and other enhancements make Total Visual Agent easier to use and understand. All the relevant forms can be resized and maximized, more menu items have shortcut keys, etc. New icons make it very easy to see which events are enabled or disabled:

Menu and Toolbar
Treeview Example

Rather than opening a form to select a new action to add to an existing database (or task group or directory), the right click menu lets you select the new action to add and immediately set the options.

Select a New Action to Perform on a Database

This is also available from the Schedule menu.

Add your own descriptions to better remember and manage your events, directories, and actions.

Total Visual Agent 2013 includes a new user manual and online help file to explain the new features.

Total Visual Agent User manual

Version 2021 is shipping!

New Features

With Windows Service!
Supports: All Access, Jet Engine, and Visual Basic versions

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"Total Visual Agent is a real find, a rare combination of ease of use, and bang for the buck. In the end, no other competitor even comes close."

Thomas Wagner, Product Review in MS Office and VBA Developer

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