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Thank you for your interest in Total Visual Agent! This trial/demo version gives you the opportunity to evaluate the product and discover how it can help you maintain your Microsoft Access databases and automate database chores better than ever. With Total Visual Agent, you'll never need to worry about making sure your databases are compacted and backed up on a regular schedule. Perform the administrative tasks you know you need to do to keep your databases healthy.


About Total Visual Agent: Automate Your Microsoft Access Chores

Total Visual Agent lets you schedule and automatically perform tedious database administration tasks. Using Total Visual Agent, you can perform important maintenance in the middle of the night, when you can be sure no one is using your database! You can even back up data while users are in the database (ideal for 24/7 situations) or execute your own custom code to automate tasks such as printing reports and uploading data.

Once configured, Total Visual Agent runs in the background using a minimal amount of system resources while waiting for the next event. When the scheduled time arrives, Total Visual Agent wakes up, performs the task, and then goes back to sleep to wait for the next scheduled time.

Important Trial Information

The Trial version of Total Visual Agent is designed to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the power of Total Visual Agent. It is identical to the retail version with the following limitations:

  1. The trial version only operates for 15 days. After that time, the program expires; however, your settings are saved and can be imported into the retail version.
  2. The trial version does not allow you to import settings files from other installations or versions of the product. The retail version allows you to import settings that you created in other versions.
  3. The trial version does not include a printed user's guide, but it includes an online help file. The full version ships with a professionally printed user manual.

Download the Trial

Use our FAQ page to choose the version of the product that's right for you. Then, download the appropriate setup file, and run it from your local computer. The setup may require you to reboot your computer, so be sure to save your work before running the setup.

Product Version

Database Formats Supported


Total Visual Agent 2021 ACCDB and MDB Download
Total Visual Agent 2003 MDB Only Download

Learning about the Product

While we have designed Total Visual Agent to be as easy to use as possible, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the basics before using it. To do this, use the Online Help that comes with the product. You can access Online Help from the program by pressing [F1], or by going to your Windows Start Menu and selecting All Programs, FMS, Total Visual Agent, Help.

System Requirements

Total Visual Agent 2021

  • 40 MB free disk space for Total Visual Agent program files
  • 200 MB free disk space for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 (which may already be on your machine)

Total Visual Agent 2003

  • Hardware to support the Access/Jet version you need
  • 30 MB free disk space for Total Visual Agent program files
  • 150 MB free disk space for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (which may already be on your machine)

Neither version requires Microsoft Access to be installed on your PC to perform tasks such as database compact, backups, data table extracts, etc. However, if you want to run tasks that require Access, such as running a macro or working with ADPs, your PC must have a regular or runtime version of Microsoft Access installed to perform those tasks. See the FAQ page for details.

Contact Us

We are very interested in receiving feedback about Total Visual Agent. Please submit any questions or comments to our Support Team.

Total Visual Agent User manual

Version 2021 is shipping!

New Features

With Windows Service!
Supports: All Access, Jet Engine, and Visual Basic versions

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"Total Visual Agent is a real find, a rare combination of ease of use, and bang for the buck. In the end, no other competitor even comes close."

Thomas Wagner, Product Review in MS Office and VBA Developer

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