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Total Visual SourceBook

Total Visual SourceBook CD and Printed Manual

Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Version
is Shipping!

New features in Total Visual SourceBook for Access, Office 2007 and VB6

Supports Access/Office 2010 (32 bit), 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and
Visual Basic 6.0!

Also available for:
Access 97/95

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SourceBook Info:

Why SourceBook?


"The code is exactly how I would like to write code and the algorithms used are very efficient and well-documented."

Van T. Dinh, Microsoft MVP





Royalty free source code library modules for Microsoft Access, VB6, VBA, OfficeRoyalty free source code library modules for Microsoft Access, VB6, VBA, OfficeVBA and VB6 Source Code Library Download the free trial version of Total Visual SourceBook for Microsoft Access, Office, VB6 and VBA

The Ultimate Office VBA and Visual Basic 6 Source Code Library for Developers, Teams, and Enterprises!

Total Visual SourceBook includes 194 modules and 100,000+ lines of royalty-free source code you can use immediately!

Microsoft Access 2010 SHIPPING FOR MICROSOFT ACCESS 2010 and 2007

32-bit Version

  • Code for Access ACCDB databases and its complex field and attachment types
  • Code for Outlook calendars, contacts, folders, emails, notes, and tasks
  • More code for Access Data Projects (ADPs) and ADODB
  • Access application enhancements for startup, transparency, ribbons, spell checker, encryption, etc.
  • Code for Twitter and Maps
  • Code for SharePoint, TAPI, Visual SourceSafe, etc.
  • Code Browser enhancements for applying your error handling
  • Vista and Windows 7 support
  • and much more...

Total Visual SourceBook is the most extensive professional source code library for Microsoft Access, Office, VBA, and Visual Basic 6.0. Written by our staff of Microsoft MVP's, authors, and experienced developers, much of this code can't be found anywhere else.

The Best Collection of Professional Office VBA/VB6 Source Code

All the code in Total Visual SourceBook is designed and written specifically for this library. This is not a compilation of mismatched snippets of dubious quality taken from the Internet or code from other projects dumped into this. The code in Total Visual SourceBook is written for the needs of a developer using a source code library covering the many challenges you face. The code has a consistent programming style, naming convention, and comments.

All the code is well tested and documented so you can use it immediately and with confidence.

Extensive Code Breadth

Every major area of software development is covered. From ADO to XML, with 194 modules and 100,000+ lines of code in almost 50 categories, Total Visual SourceBook solves many common and complex programming challenges you face. Extensive documentation is provided with almost 20,000 lines of examples showing how the code is used. Here's an overview of the code categories, and a complete list of all the modules and classes with their descriptions.

Designed for the Needs of Developers

Use it, Learn from it, Customize it

You can treat our code as a black box and simply insert it into your projects and call it. Or you can learn from our techniques by examining it line by line. And because it's source code, you can enhance it any way you'd like.

Countless developers over the years have told us they learned some or much of their development skills and tricks from our code. You can too!

Pays for Itself

Why write code we've already written for you? Total Visual SourceBook has one of the highest return on investments of all our products. Subject to the licensing terms, you can include our code in any or all of your projects Royalty Free.

Even if you are an experienced developer, there are probably several classes and modules which are new to you. All it takes is a few to solve some critical problems to pay for the entire product. You can then treat the rest of the code as "free".

Code Independence

It wasn't always easy, but we designed every class and module to be independent. You only need to add one object to your project to solve a task without a bunch of dependencies. This lets you choose only what you need and remain productive.

Customizable Error Handling

All the procedures include basic error handling. If you have your own error handling structure, our Code Explorer lets you easily replace ours with yours.

Total Visual SourceBook Code Explorer

VBA/VB6 IDE Add-Ins Menu to Launch Total Visual SourceBookDirect Integration with the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Total Visual SourceBook is integrated with your VB6 and VBA IDE. Start it as an add-in and its always ready to insert code directly into your project, or import your code into the powerful Code Repository to share with your team.

Easily find the VBA/VB6 sourced code you need from the Code Explorer

The Code Explorer is designed to make it easy for you to find and insert the code in Total Visual SourceBook into your project. To see how intuitive and powerful it is, read our Overview and Screenshots page.

Save Your Own Code and Share It Among Your Team

Tired of digging for code you know you've already written? Use the Total Visual SourceBook Repository to store, index, and manage all your code in a shared environment.

Your team's source code is one of its most important assets. Leverage your existing work by having your experienced developers store their custom code in the code repository for everyone to share. It tracks author, creation and modification dates, comments, examples, and more. You can even set it so others can't modify your submissions.

The repository makes it easy to search and find the code you need. Eliminate the chance that people spend countless hours writing work that already exists and is tested and better!

Pricing and Versions

Total Visual SourceBook is available in different versions depending on your version of Office/Access. The latest version is 2007/2010 which runs in Office/Access 2000 through 2007, and the 32 bit version of Office/Access 2010 and 2013. Some of the source code only works in 2007/2010/2013. If you are using Office/Access 2003 or earlier and don't have plans to migrate to 2007, 2010 or 2013, you may prefer the 2003 version.

Total Visual SourceBook Products
for Microsoft Access/Office/VBA and Visual Basic 6

License Price 2013, 2010 (32-bit)
2003, 2002,
2000, & VB6
97 & 95

Single $399 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
5 Seat $1299 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now


Single $299 Buy Now Buy Now N/A
5 Seat $899 Buy Now Buy Now N/A

Premium Support Subscription

Single $299 More Information
5 Seat $999

Also Available as part of:

Total Access Ultimate Suite
Total Access Developer Suite
Total Visual Developer Suite
Total VB Enterprise Suite

Runtime/Redistributable Version

Source code library material is freely redistributable as long as it is contained in an application that is compiled and the Total Visual SourceBook library code is not redistributed in a readable form.

Licensing Information

Total Visual SourceBook is licensed on a per developer basis. Each developer who runs the program and uses the code must have a license. Read the License Agreement for details.

We are currently working on a 2010/2013 version that will include support for the 64 bit version of MS Office/Access including 64 bit Windows API calls.


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