Total Access Agent Update 8.05

Total Access Agent Product Box This patch update is designed for existing installations of Total Access Agent 8.01 through 8.04. It will not install if an existing installation of Agent 8.01 or above is not found. The patch makes a minor change in the way that Agent performs its Compact/Repair operation.

Total Access Agent 8.01 was designed, based on recommendations from Microsoft, to perform the Repair operation after the Compact operation. This can result in the database actually growing larger after Repair than it was after the Compact. The size of the database, when using Agent 8.01 was equivalent to what you would get if you used Access itself to Compact and then Repair a database.

This update changes the behavior back so that the Repair operation is performed first, followed by the Compact operation. The size of the databases compacted by Agent should now be the same size as databases compacted by Access itself when the Repair option is not run.

If this new behavior is not satisfactory, you can control the order in which Agent will Compact and Repair databases by changing a registry setting.

These enhancements were added:

  • When an existing event is changed or deleted, all other existing events retain their properties and settings.
  • Events are executed at the proper time for all regional Date/Time settings. This error was reported in instances when the date/time settings were set to 24 hour for certain International version of Windows.
  • Secured databases are handled properly for users without passwords
  • Resolves "Type Mismatch" error in Countries using comma as the decimal separator.
  • Number of Indexes is shown properly.
  • Passwords are now being assigned to the correct database during the Compact and Repair Action.

Click here to download: taag805.exe (525 KB)

Alternatively, you might wish to obtain the Jet 3.51 update from Microsoft. This updated component automatically incorporates Repair functionality into the Compact operation. If Agent 8.01 detects that Jet 3.51 is installed, the Repair operation is not performed, and the size of the database after using Agent should be equivalent to the size when using Access's Compact utility.

Total Access Agent 1.x (16-bit) Update

If you have Total Access Agent version 1.x installed, you should download this update to get the latest versions of several important files. After downloading the file to a temporary directory, extract the contents and read the UPDATE.TXT file for information on installing the new files. (207 KB)

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