Developer Demands

We built Total Access Components because Microsoft Access developers and our own team needed enhancements beyond what was included in Microsoft Access.

Total Access Components is a collection of 30 ActiveX controls designed specifically for Microsoft Access. No other product makes it easier to add powerful functionality to your Microsoft Access forms, reports and modules.

I've tried other ActiveX controls in Microsoft Access and they often don't work!

Solution: Only Total Access Components is designed specifically for Microsoft Access. Access uses a non-standard interface for hosting ActiveX controls. This means that almost all controls written for Visual Basic 6 have problems interacting with Access forms and reports. Our controls are 100% tested to work with Microsoft Access forms, reports, and modules. The latest version includes support for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Access 2010 with automatic support for both versions without modifying your database.

I want to add advanced functionality to my forms and reports to make them easier to use and more visual.

Solution: Total Access Components includes many powerful visual components that make your forms and reports, including:

Control Type Description
About Box Add an About Box with version and copyright information with just one control.
Bitmap Effects Use transitions, fades, and other exciting effects with your bitmap images.
Border Add borders with 3D looks, including bevels and rounded corners.
Browse for Folder Display a browse for folder dialog, and specify whether your users can select a folder, a computer, a printer, or a file.
Clock Add digital or analog clocks.
Cursor Set the windows cursor to a variety of styles, including a custom image.
DateTime Picker Allow users to view and select a date or time in the appropriate format, and optionally allow a drop-down calendar.
Digital Display Add digital displays to display numerical data.
Enhanced Button Use buttons with shadows and aligned bitmaps.
Gauge Show progress using a variety of gauge styles.
Icon Menu Display a menu of icons, just like in Microsoft Outlook.
Marquee Display scrolling text in a marquee fashion.
Notes Display pop-up notes with a variety of formatting options.
Popup Menu Add right-click popup menus anywhere on your form. You control the menu contents.
Progress Meter Provide feedback to your users with standard or segmented progress meters in a variety of styles.
Resizer Add automatic resizing control to your form with just one ActiveX control.
Slider Control numerical data with sliders.
Spin Button Control values with up/down buttons.
Splitter Add a splitter to divide Access form areas.
Tab Strip Add a lightweight tab strip with tabs on the top, bottom, or side.
Text Effects Add rotated text (great for report labels) and shadow effects.
Multimedia Controls Controls to display AVI movies, play CDs, and Wave and MIDI files.

Visual Tour of Controls

I don't want to have to write loads of Windows API code to do simple things like show common dialogs, work with the clipboard, or access the system registry.

Solution: Total Access Components includes several system controls that make such tasks a breeze. System controls included in the product are:

Control Type Description
Common Dialogs Quick access to the Windows Open File, Save File, Color Chooser, Font, and Print dialogs.
Clipboard Cut, copy, and paste data with our easy to use Clipboard control.
Registry Read and write to the system registry.
System Information Return a wealth of information about the system hardware and software.
Timer Add high resolution timers to your forms.
INI File Read and write INI data files.

My Microsoft Access forms show data from tables. I want ActiveX controls that can bind to that data.

Solution: Many of the Total Access Components controls support data-binding. For example, the Popup Notes control can be assigned to a field in a table--the display is automatically updated as you scroll through records. You can also use the controls to modify the values in the bound field.

I don't want to have to create complex setup and registration routines. I want a super easy way to redistribute my Access application with Total Access Components controls.

Solution: Total Access Components was designed from the ground up to be easy to redistribute. Simply include our TACRUN.EXE program with your setup and have it run on the end-user's computer. We take care of installing the controls, registering them, and making them available to your Access application--that's all you have to do. Plus, since all Total Access Components controls are stored in a single OCX file, redistribution and updates are pain-free.

I don't want to pay royalty or redistribution fees. I want a cost-effective solution.

Solution: Total Access Components includes a royalty-free runtime distribution license. Redistribute our controls with as many applications as you want, with no additional fees, costs, or charges.

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