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Tour of Total Access Components

Total Access Components offers 30 controls to enhance you and your users' experiences with Microsoft Access.

Many of these controls give your Access forms and reports a dynamic, modern, and attractive look and feel that will impress your users. Others provide functionality that would be impossible or very difficult to code yourself using VBA. Either way, your final result is a much more powerful and functional Access database application. Best of all you can do it with little or no programming!

Review the controls below and click on them for more details.


Popup Menu for selecting options in Microsoft Access database applications
Right mouse click pop-up menus
Outlook style icon menus
Outlook-style Icon Menus

Form Design Enhancements

Tabs on the Left Side
Tabs on the Left, Right, and Bottom


Use custom cursors to replace the arrow and hourglass in Microsoft Access
Custom Cursors

Microsoft Access Form Resizer
Form Resizing

Form Splitter Bar

Add additional timers to your Microsoft Access forms

Relative Value Displays

Add gauges and dials to Microsoft Access forms and reports
Gauges and Dials

Progress Meters for Microsoft Access forms and reports
Progress meters

Data Entry Improvements

Date Picker with drop down alendar for date fields on Microsoft Access forms
Date and Time pickers

Add pop-up sticky notes to your Microsoft Access forms
Pop-up sticky notes

Add spin buttons to your Microsoft Access forms
Spin buttons

Slider Bars display and simplify data entry on Microsoft Access forms
Slider bars


Marquees can also wordwrap and scroll vertically
Animated marquee text

Animated graphics on Microsoft Access forms
Animated pictures and splash screens

Visual Effects

Analog and digital clocks

Enhanced buttons with graphics and text on Microsoft Access forms
Graphical buttons with toggle


Animating rotated text on a Microsoft Access form
Rotated and rotating text
Digital display like a calculator
Digital displays

Add fancy borders to Microsoft Access forms and reports
Fancy borders

Windows System Features

Windows Common Dialog
Windows Common Dialogs

Professional About Box for your Microsoft Access database applications
About Box

Browse for Folder, File or Printer
Browse for Folder, File, or Printer

Clipboard cut, copy and paste

System information on hardware, network, software and operating system
System Information
Read and edit Windows Registry settings

INI File


Easily support multimedia features:

CD player in a Microsoft Access form
CD player

Music player for Microsoft Access with MP3 support
Music MP3 and WAV file player

Play AVI video files
Video AVI file player

Don't forget to download the trial version to see the controls in action yourself.