Migrating Your Data Tier to SQL Server: Strategies for Survival Video

TechEdPanel Discussion at Microsoft TechEd North America

Taped on May 13, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Video: Migrating Your Data Tier to SQL Server: Strategies for SurvivalThis panel explores the different reasons and approaches for migrating applications to Microsoft SQL Server. In addition to moving the data to SQL Server, ideas are presented for transforming applications to offer additional features while watching budgets.

Examples are provided for migrating data from Oracle, Microsoft Access, and Excel to SQL Server. That's the easy part but often people need to consolidate and cleanup multiple applications and databases before upsizing the data to SQL Server.

Discussions also cover the challenges of maintaining and monitoring the new database, whether a database administrator is needed, and the life cycle of a SQL Server application.

Hear the panel discussion with Luke Chung, Richard Campbell, Stephen Forte, and Armen Stein, emceed by Microsoft's Mary Chipman.


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