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"Total Access Analyzer is an amazing product that I've relied on and recommended for years. It's a huge time saver."

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Microsoft Access Field References Sorted by Field Name

This report answers the critical question:

Where are my Microsoft Access table fields used and referenced?

This powerful report shows where and how each field is defined or referenced across the entire database. Knowing where your fields are used is certainly important before changing them.

In this example, the data is sorted by field name (Address, Birth Date, CategoryID). Within each grouping, you can see where the field is used. For instance, the Address field is used in a Query named Invoices, which is used by a control in the Invoice Report.

The data shown here is similar to the Table References, Sorted by Table Name, but it's sorted by Field Name to show all the tables where identically named fields are used. This is a great tool for verifying consistency of field definitions. A good programming practice is to make sure identically named fields are defined the same way (same data type, data size, and description)

Microsoft Access Table Field Cross Reference documentation report to see where fields are used


  • The Resolved? column shows whether the field reference is valid (if an object references a field that no longer exists, that's flagged as an error and appears in the Error reports).
  • If your module code references a field name with a variable, it's listed here and the Variable? column is checked.

Total Access Analyzer Reports for Microsoft Access Tables

Here's the complete list of the Total Access Analyzer reports documenting the tables in your MS Access database. Click on the hyperlinks for more information. Rather than overwhelm you with every report, we've provided a subset of the most interesting reports for you to review. The others show similar data but use different sort orders or filters.

Basic Table Lists

Simple lists to gain a quick understanding of all the tables in your database and their relative size

Table Properties

  • Table Properties, Sorted by Table Name
  • Table Properties, Sorted by Property Name

Table Fields

Examine fields lists for each table, or for each field which tables its in, along with their properties

  • Table Fields, Sorted by Table Name (Portrait and Landscape versions)
  • Table Fields, Sorted by Field Name (Portrait and Landscape versions)
  • Table Fields, Sorted by Data Type and Size Summary
  • Table Fields, Sorted by Data Type and Size Detail
  • Table Field Properties, Sorted by Table Name
  • Table Field Properties, Sorted by Field Name
  • Table Field Properties, Sorted by Property and Table
  • Table Field Properties, Sorted by Property and Field

Table Field General Properties

Look at all the properties of a field the way you would in the table designer or see a property value across all the fields that have them.

Table Indexes

Examine indexes and their fields and properties

  • Table Indexes, Sorted by Table Name
  • Table Indexes, Sorted by Fields
  • Table Index Properties, Sorted by Table Name
  • Table Index Properties, Sorted by Property and Table
  • Table Index Properties, Sorted by Property and Index

Table Dictionaries

Detailed listing of each table, its properties, indexes, fields, etc.

Table Cross Reference