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Total Access Emailer leverages the power of Microsoft Access and Email so you can generate personalized email messages for everyone in your table or query. Easily send messages from Access in text or HTML format, with options for Cc, Bcc, Attachments, and more. Use field values in your email subject and body to create unique, personalized emails for each recipient.

Product History

For over a decade, Total Access Emailer was released with every major Microsoft Access version with many enhancements along the way:

Original Release and Major Updates by Microsoft Access Version

Access Version Introduced Product Name Product Version Major Releases Upgrade from
Another Version
Upgrade in
Same Version
Access 97 Jul 2003 Total Access Emailer for Access 97 8.0 Version 8.5 (May 2006) Upgrade Upgrade to 8.5 from 8.0
Access 2000 Jul 2003 Total Access Emailer for Access 2000 9.0 Version 9.5 (May 2006)
Version 9.6 (Aug 2011)
Upgrade Upgrade to 9.6 from 9.x
Access 2002 Jul 2003 Total Access Emailer for Access 2002 10.0 Version 10.5 (May 2006)
Version 10.6 (Apr 2011)
Upgrade Upgrade to 10.6 from 10.x
Total Access Emailer for Microsoft Access 2003
Access 2003
Jul 2003 Total Access Emailer for Access 2003 11.0 Version 11.5 (May 2006)
Version 11.6 (Apr 2011)
Upgrade Upgrade to 11.6 from 11.x
Microsoft Access 2007
Access 2007
May 2007 Total Access Emailer for Access 2007 12.0 Version 12.6 (Mar 2011)
Version 12.7 (Sep 2016)
Upgrade Upgrade to 12.7 from 12.x
Microsoft Access 2010
Access 2010
Mar 2011 Total Access Emailer for Access 2010
32 and 64-bit versions
14.0 Version 14.7 (Aug 2016) Upgrade Upgrade to 14.7 from 14.0
Microsoft Access 2013
Access 2013
Jun 2014 Total Access Emailer for Access 2013
32 and 64-bit versions
15.0 Version 15.7 (Aug 2016) Upgrade Upgrade to 15.7 from 15.0

Access 2016
Jun 2016 Total Access Emailer for Access 2016
32 and 64-bit versions
16.0 Upgrade


New Microsoft Access Version

Because Total Access Emailer runs as an Access add-in and takes advantage of the features in each Access version, there is a different version of Total Access Emailer for each version of Microsoft Access.

Existing Total Access Emailer customers can upgrade to another version at a discounted price. Click on the links above to upgrade your version.

Within the Same Access Version

Discounted upgrades are also available if you have the Standard Version and want to upgrade to the Professional Version, or get the latest release for your version of Access for X.7:

Version X.7 Enhancements

  • Validate Emails Before Sending Them
    Easily verify the email addresses in your list meet required email format and syntax.
  • Save Attachment Files to Disk
    Optionally save attachment files to disk. You can even save files to disk without sending any emails.
  • SMTP Support for TLS
    Emails can be sent with SMTP settings using Transport Layer Security (TLS) Connection type. This is compatible with Office365's protection mode.
  • Interactive VBA Code Generator
    Select and specify the options for adding Total Access Emailer to your application, then paste it in your module.
  • and more!

Product Updates

As part of our commitment to providing quality software, FMS updates its products from time to time to add new features and address issues.

For bug fixes, patches are provided free of charge. For builds with new features, updates are provided free of charge for customers on support contract.

Registered owners should have received email notification of the updates with download instructions. Contact us to update our records if you didn't receive your notification.

Version Latest Version and Build Update Released
(if any)
Total Access Emailer 2016 16.01.0016 August 21, 2018
Total Access Emailer 2013 15.70.0010 August 12, 2016
15.00.0004 May 18, 2016
Total Access Emailer 2010 14.70.0010 August 12, 2016
14.02.0001 August 28, 2012
Total Access Emailer 2007 12.70.0010 August 15, 2016
12.62.0004 March 10, 2015
12.00.0012 March 5, 2009
Total Access Emailer 2003 11.62.0004 March 10, 2015
11.50.0037 May 12, 2006
11.00.0010 August 11, 2005
Total Access Emailer 2002 10.62.0004 March 10, 2015
10.50.0037 May 12, 2006
10.01.0010 August 11, 2005
Total Access Emailer 2000 9.62.0004 March 10, 2015
9.50.0037 May 12, 2006
9.01.0010 August 17, 2005
Total Access Emailer 97 8.50.0037 May 12, 2006
8.01.0010 August 18, 2005

Microsoft Access Email Documentation

Microsoft Access 2016 Version is shipping!

New Features

New X.7 Versions for Microsoft Access 2013, 2010, and 2007!

X.6 Versions for Microsoft Access 2003, 2002, and 2000

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"I was thrilled with how easy it was to run and I appreciated that I didn't need to build any special tables or queries."

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