Retrieve Windows System Information from Microsoft Access

The System Information control makes it easy to retrieve hardware, network and software information. You can place a control on a Microsoft Access form and use its properties and methods to get information without using complicated Windows API calls. Additionally, the System Information Control provides information that is not available through the Windows API.

Using the System Information Control

The System Information control does not have any design time properties. The following information can be retrieved at runtime:


Retrieve the keyboard status of these keys:

  • CapsLock
  • NumLock


  • Computer Name
  • CPU Type
  • Free Memory

Disk Drives

Check individual drives for their properties:

  • Disk Type
  • Disk Volume
  • Free Disk Space

Windows and Network Information

  • System folder
  • Temporary folder and file names
  • Network user name
  • Windows folder, type, and version

File Information

For any file name, you can retrieve its:

  • Name
  • Extension
  • Path
  • Version

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